Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to SEO of a site with little text

How to SEO of a site with little text

In an official video, Google provides some tips for sites with very little text content, such as those with mainly photos or Flash.

For this video, you will be deprived of Matt Cutts, a Googler named replaced by Tiffany Oberoi. It changes us from Matt, right? The problem is that it asks questions of itself and responds by saying "Tiffany, to solve this problem, you can do this (etc.)". Strange is not it?

 His first advice concerns the optimization of images, the robot can not understand Google. Do NOT follow ESPECIALLY its ​​first board which is to focus on the image file name. If you manage your images one by one, why not name them all correctly with keywords. But if you get lots of pictures (eg a digital camera) and you must publish them on your site, do not waste your time especially not rename files! I knew that there are training agencies SEO who advise that, even if it takes several days to rename (it's live). There are 100 times better to do: work the context of the image.

 Regarding Flash, Google recommends to use it to "decorate" but not for site content. This is a great recommendation! Even if Google knows index the Flash , it's always better to avoid having the content in Flash. As Tiffany says "Some phones may not manage Flash", one wonders how she refers smartphone? More details in my SEO tutorial of Flash . Well, in the end we learned nothing but Tiffany had his answer: it is essential not?

Hopefully we will learn something next time! It finally arrives, here's the video:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Google Algorithm Changes in March 2012

Google Algorithm Changes in March 2012

Each month, Google makes several updates to its search engine to refine the results. Here are the changes in the Google algorithm to March 2012.

Autocomplete for mathematical symbols - Appointed Blackbord, this change in Google includes mathematical symbols in the search. These symbols include: +, -, *, /, ^, (), =. This allows, for example, to look for results on mathematical formulas as E = mc ² or y = mx + b.
Improving the management of the indexing symbols - past, punctuation symbols were ignored by Google, but now they are taken into account and include%, $, \,., @, #, +, and other symbols will be included in the future.

A better rating by group News - Google News gathers the group and this change provides a better rating to get results better and more reliable on a given query.
Of Sitelinks faster - uses Google Sitelinks to provide links to the different sections of a site to provide better user experience. Google accelerates the change of the update of these Sitelinks that once took several weeks.

Technical improvement on Autocomplete - This change speeds up processing of Autocomplet Google. This is much faster and uses less bandwidth.

Better management of change passwords - This change ensures that all changes of your passwords are passed on to your search.

Better indexing profile pages - This change provides better indexing of your profile pages. Thus, it can recognize more than 200 social networks.

New interface for news overall - This change provides a better experience in reading the news overall. Thus, the best item is displayed with a larger font while large images and information of the author are also better displayed.

Improved results on the search navigation - navigation by research that indicates that you perform on a particular site, for example Wikipedia . This change improves this research, for example, if you do not know the precise URL of the article.

Updated quality sites (Google Panda) and refreshing content - A small update to Google Panda to detect new quality sites, but its content is periodically renewed. The quality of the site depends on the content, but also technical changes in improving the user experience.

Live results for the Champions League and the KHL - Now Snippets show live results of the Champions League and the KHL (Russian Hockey League). Other Live results are available for the NFL or the NBA. An advanced semantic search?

Research on tennis - In the same vein, one can also obtain results on Live tennis. Type a player name or a tennis competition to get info on Live. Google wants to dominate the sports results from its own content.
Results more relevant images - A search for the best images. This change allows Google to find great images even if they are on pages of low quality.

Better images of all languages ​​- Similarly, the Autocomplet offers better results in all languages ​​when it was only available for English.

SafeSearch tweaking images - SafeSearch Google Images has been refined so that users do not see adult content. New ways been enhanced to detect this type of content.

Disabling the criterion of text anchors - A major change is that Google can not count the text anchors of these criteria. Instead, it will use other methods to know the value. These new methods have not been sent.
Simplification in the overall images - Improvements to simplify the code for images. Also improvements to deliver better results on these images.

Higher rankings and interface on mobile - When searching for your mobile applications, the results show the application icon, his popularity, price and download links. The results also depend on the phone you use (iOS, Android, etc.).

Improvement to display the latest videos - options to detect the old videos and replace them with newer content.

Less relevant non-synonymous - A change to Google is that you will have less synonymous non-relevant queries. This will avoid displaying content that has nothing to do with the request.
Better management of queries on local objectives and Navigation - Some queries have goals related to a localized or navigation ( connected directly to a site ). This change allows Google to balance the two types of results for better efficiency.

Improvement on the update Freshness - There are some less, Google introduced the update Freshness to favor recent content, but the result was not satisfactory and consumed too many resources. Therefore, this change in Google this update focuses only on certain types of queries.

Improved to detect quality sites - have long an update of Google classifies quality sites in the long run. This change provides improved reliability of this classification.

A better interpretation and use of text anchors - Google has improved the way he interprets and uses anchor text. This determines the relevance of this anchor text based on the application or site.

Improvement of local news - This change significantly improves new localized by finding better sources.
Disabling a signal on Google News - Google no longer considers a test that was used to assess the relevance of Google News articles. This criterion was not performing.

Better management of synonyms - Google uses many synonyms to provide similar results, but this is not always satisfactory. Thus, the mean cat could be animal or fur . The problem is that these synonyms are too general to be effective. Thus, the word dog also refers to animal and fur and therefore, someone typing cat will get dog as a result. This change in Google avoids this generalization synonyms.

Improved accuracy and performance of synonyms - In the same vein, synonyms are now more accurate to avoid non-relevant results that would fall into the same category of the query. One objective of this change is to eliminate duplication by logic.

For tweaking the display of results - Google has improved its system to identify terms that are not necessary to trace the relevant document. This allows for queries that only show reliable results.

Synonyms less aggressive - Some users have complained to Google that some of its synonyms were too aggressive. Thus, the results show some synonyms that have no connection with the request. This change reduces this problem.

Updated geographic content - This change affects the signals that are based on the geographical location of services such as Google Maps and Google Earth .

Better detection of proper names - A change for better detection of proper names, including celebrities.
Updated custom results - Some signals change customized results.

Improvement in the relevance of image search - Other signals have been added to detect images of a reasonable size on high quality landing pages.

Removing a signal related to the relevance of the site - Google has removed a signal on the relevance of the products on a site.

Better detection of obsolete pages - Many changes to detect pages that are not changed for several years. Thus, they disappear gradually results of users.

Better detection of languages ​​in Autocomplete - In general, the Autocomplet based on the language for displaying the results on a given language. For many languages, Google tries to guess the language in the petition and this change is now available for Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Improved to detect the dates on the articles of forums and blogs  - Better detection of dates on articles of forums and blogs.

More from the Autocomplete with rewriting - This change some queries Google rewritten on the fly to display more results. Synonyms are used among other things. Rewriting may include adding, deleting or reordering of a term in the query.

Of extended Sitelinks for Mobile - The SiteLink extended are now available for mobile pages.
Quick answers more specific - sometimes Google responds to the user with Snippets through its database Freebase . This change fixes some bugs and offers greater precision.

Migration options for video - Google has migrated some of the options on the Advanced Search for video to the main search engine.

A button in more countries and areas - a button is now available in many languages ​​of the results and fields. The advantage is that the button has a recommendation on action on his requests, as users who use this button one are the same theme.

Refresh the results on the shelves - The user interface for local results has been updated to make it more compact and easy to read.

from Insidesearch
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Monday, April 9, 2012

SEO factors that Google used to SERP

SEO factors that Google used to SERP

There are over 200 SEO factors that Google used to the position of websites in the Google search results page (SERP).
What are the SEO factors for 2012?

↑    1    Keyword in the title.    Put the main keyword or phrase in the header of the HTML title tag, up to 60 characters, each page is different.
↑    2    Keyword is the first in the title.    Main keyword | Page Title | Company name or website name
↑    3    Keyword in the domain name.    Main keyword in the domain name was registered.
     4    Keyword in the body text.    Place the main search term "natural" visual sentences in the body of the website. In the first 50 to 100 words.
     5    Relevance between the body text and keywords.    Relevance of the text on the page relative to the keywords.
     6    Keywords in H1 tag.    Creating an H1 tag with the targeted search term.
     7    Keywords in the internal link anchor text on the page.    The navigation is a very important part of your website, insert keywords in internal links
     8    Keywords in remote anchor text link on the page.    Extrene links should provide you with keywords in the anchor text
↑    9    Keyword in URL.    Also on subpages like oneclickseo / google-seo-factors.
     10    Keywords in H2/3/4 tags.    Placing keywords in the H2, H3 headline HTML tags.
↓    11    Keywords in the alt tags of images.    Placing keywords in alt HTML tags and img title tags.
     12    Keywords in bold / strong tags.    Keyword in the HTML text with bold / bold font.
     13    Keywords in the Meta Description Tag.    Place keywords in the description meta tag in an HTML Web page header.
↓    14    Keywords in the Meta Keywords tag.    Place keywords in the meta-tag keywords in a web page in the HTML header.

Google SEO factors

↑    1     Relevant and appropriate content.    Matt Cutts has indicated that one of the most important SEO factor. This applies to content and (internal) to the left.
↑    2     Link popularity within the site, internal link structure.    References to internal links to the target pages (incoming links to subpages)
     3    Keywords in links to subpages.    In the navigation links to the subpages with an anchor text, advice is 3 words.
     4     Efficient link structure.    Two clicks on every page - no page deeper than 4 clicks.
↑    5     Internal site links.    Links between lower levels
     6     Quality / relevance of links to external websites.    Place links to high quality, related pages
     7     Age of the page.    Older pages may be viewed as authoritative while newer pages temporarily relevant.
↑    8     Amount of relevant indexable text per page.    The literal quantity of visible HTML text on a page.
↑    9    The quality of the content of the texts of the pages.    Search engines scan pages of text and image and compare this with analytical approaches to determine the value and rank.
↓    10    The timeliness of the pages.    The number and how often a page changes.
↑    11    The length of the URL    Very important, not more than 4 levels.
↑    12    All other content and code separated.    Very important, javascript, css, etc. in a different place from the server.
↑    13     Validation of HTML pages (W3C standards).    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) creates Web standards.

google ranking factors

     1     Domain name extension.    . Com has priority in the Netherlands on the other extensions
     2    Old codes no longer use.    According to the W3C standard that tags are no longer supported
     3    XHTML code should not be capitalized.    This also applies to the URLs
     4    File size of the pages.    Try not to exceed 100KB per page, home page, preferably not larger than 40 KB.
     5    Web speed.    What is the loading of a page? A new ranking factor since 2010
Note: For all positive On-Page factors listed above
A website with a higher age, so parents will always be better indexed.

↑    1    The age of the domain.    The older the domain, the greater the chance that with a main keyword a good ranking is achieved.
↑    2    The google trust rank of a domain    How reliable is your website? Naw Are your chamber of commerce and information on your website? Google wants only trusted websites in its ranking.
↑    3    The history of the site.    Historical performance of the site, as measured by time spent on the page, clicking on SERPs, Direct Visits, updates, Bookmarks, etc.
↑    4    The IP address and location of the domain / server.    If you focus on the Dutch market, then your website is hosted in the Netherlands and preferably virtual, not shared among other sites. See who is also on your server.
↑    5    The number of new pages being added.    Through a weblog you can respond extremely well, using news.
↑    6    Number of searches for site / domain.    The frequency of searches for the domain name or company, as measured by the Google search index search logs
     7    Is the site signed up for Google webmaster tool.    It will not increase the ranking, but brings a lot of card and who knows.

↑    1    Keywords added to an incoming link anchor text.    Anchor text is a very important SEO factor
↑    2    Link popularity of the site.    The incoming links, link both quality and quantity
↑    3    The relevance of incoming links.    The relationship between the sites / pages linking to the target page and the target keywords.
↑    4    The age of the link.   
An old incoming link is valuable.
↑    5    Text surrounding the link.    This generates more anchor weight when the text is like click here.
↑    6    The link popularity of the page where the link is on.    The higher the page rank of the page where the link is better.
↑    7    The location of the link.    Where are the links in the footer, body text and footer. The higher the site the better.

↑    1    Social Media Marketing    If social media is applied properly it is an ideal addition to the SEO of your website.
↑    2    Twitter and Facebook    Twitter and Facebook are officially SEO factors . Links shared via Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on the ranking of a website.

↑    1    Google page rank    Google page rank was "used" very important, if your website page rank 5, then it becomes interesting.
↑    2    XML - HTML Sitemap    Communicate with google google webmaster tools, specify when you create new pages have uploaded via an xml sitemap .
↑    3    Robots.txt    The googlebot scans always this text file, make sure you have him on the server.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Density of Keywords - How Much Important

The keywords are a major component of SEO. Yet, in a video of Matt Cutts released this week, the spokesman for Google informs us that the density of keywords does not affect the referencing and therefore the positioning in Google. It seems that the words of Matt Cutts should not be taken literally.

A density of keywords in SEO too important night

Matt Cutts tells us that the density of keywords on a page does not affect the positioning. Yet despite his claims, keyword stuffing can always penalize a site. If your site has too much keyword density he'll be penalized relative to your competitors. Therefore, if the keyword stuffing still exists, it means that the density of keywords continues to play a role in positioning . Many SEOs have posed the question what was the ideal density. Finally, it seems that this ideal does not exist even though some say it should never exceed 10%. Some sites with densities well above 10% of these arrive and position themselves to remain so. The density of keywords is therefore an ideal sense.

The keywords are still important in the positioning of a page. If your site has a density of keywords near zero, it can position itself. However, its position may not be sustainable: once the content will date a little he may have disappeared from front pages. The keywords should be used but must remain strategic in their use. The main places where they have to find are the title tag , the tags <hn> , links and alt attribute of images. Use keywords in the text must be done with more restraint. If you had to place them in one place would be the front-loading , the beginning of your text.

Density of Keywords and Seo - How Much Important

Keywords used with caution

Through the last video posted by Matt Cutts, he tries to make us understand what is that to be well positioned in Google it is better not to be concerned about the density of keywords. A referrer who will aim to place a certain percentage of keywords in the text will no longer have in mind the basics: be readable by the user . The keyword density is above all ideal to remain natural: as for the links, should not that Google notes that it was done artificially.

In short, to find the density of keywords perfect , just reread your text. If at the end of the reading you come to the conclusion that your content is not pleasant to read because there are too many keywords you can be sure of having exceeded the ideal density. Rather than using too many repetitions, focus on synonyms: this advice is even more valid with the semantic search . However, although Google is increasingly "intelligent" he is not perfect, he knows perhaps not all synonyms. The trick to be sure to use the ones that Google knows this is to use the "tilde" followed by your keyword in Google, eg "~ write." This command allows you to identify among the synonym words bolded by Google.

In conclusion, what Matt Cutts wants us to understand is that we must think first of the reader and not to positioning in the search engine. The aim of the latter being to offer relevant content to the user: he must write quality content without trying to over-optimize

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What and Why Website Optimization

What and Why Website Optimization

Different description of the concept of website optimization on the Internet , there is no standard definition of this term. Site to optimize our often is said that the site SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) abbreviation, roughly speaking that is coherent factors of your website design, labels, etc., to swap to the satisfaction indicators set by the search engine appropriate search engine search to reach the target site ranking. So as to corporate website from the search engines to get more traffic and more potential customers. Severe meaning in terms of search engine optimization is not all website optimization, a local site optimization, site optimization also includes the user's adjournment, the conversion rate, customer action analysis related to many factors, site design fit W3C-scale, site how the speed of the visit.

Why website optimization?

Website Optimization Process

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the need for an online marketing solution plan, and in fact, SEO is not a critical and central part of the online marketing strategy, he has demonstrated several situation:

1. more than 80% of visits originated from search engines,

(2) at home and have a lot of business from the search engines to find shortcuts

(3). optimization can ensure that the ranking for a long time and Google PPC (pay-per-click),

4 impact areas, a good optimization will also lose a good ranking in most search engines.

(5) cost: more than PPC advertising cheap.

According to statistics, there are 500 companies in more than 90% of sites are taken up for Website Optimizer technology

are you waiting for relaxation move

We all know that the external links, Links to improve your site optimization ranking. However, some not authentic SEO of in the pursuit of outside the chain of difficult mental state. Thus prompted to pay attention to increase the Link is: the application of good people turn the friendship connection to do black chain black links by search engines as black hat seo.

 If your site with the black hat friendship links, it is a symbol of your site will soon be down the right and scroll through the Links placed many, many links on a web page, so even if the right of re-sharing is also trivial to you. Otherwise, your site may be punished. The other is secretly remove your link in the Links for some time, so you become a one-way link, this is not the behavior of the tunnel. Will be despised by the world website ranking the causes of a website copy large amounts of content . site content contains vulgar, the discord of the disabled and the law. take the initiative to jump page, may be abandoned by Google.

Unified page, there are a lot spam links the site's content with the page title does not match . website optimization moderate, is able to optimize the premises are optimized .

7 application delivery system, a large number of announced the results of convergence . all description, key words, topics are the same . Keyword over the domain name. Site often have structure, title, and the crux of the word, describe a large modification .

11, the server is unstable often nature does when the machine .

12, the site was put into the desire of ill, code .

13. often exchange server the ip .

14. search engine algorithms change .

15. Links down the right site.

16. be used by hackers to attack the invisible into the garbage connection .

17. website

18. Keywords density through low or too high .

19. domain parking, the contents of a large number of repeated .

20. too far to use heading tags .

21 page requests registered or the page is password maintenance .

22. site uses frames, Ajax Technology new station is very low weight often a new station Google optimization of the seven pay attention to matters for reference:

Why Website Optimization

1. The website content will not contain bad vocabulary for the authority of the new station, Google see a killing one. Usually do not look down a few of those few humble words, with bad shielding, do not think information portals broke the rule a few words, nothing to do, your site is far worse to be compared with them.

2. The others articles do not rampant reproduced if the site of all articles are reproduced hundreds of thousands of times by Google, for the engine, the existence of this site basically does not make sense. Of course, your Web site outside the chain of quality, weight, are also high, even plagiarism of content, can also link to a harmonious.

3, do not blindly optimize popular keywords the site was built to break did not take long, at first just contains a large number of fever gate information flow through the Hot Words for such traffic, or to quickly, but did not last long, easy to cause at first site is a little drop the right, or shielding.

4, the site host or the space to stabilize the solid to prevent the use of the host space being punished in order to avoid not included, or that suddenly the space shut down for a long time to adjust, causing the engine to delete fruitless page, the site initially filed as soon as possible, so that by failing to record engine the end of the space.

Do not often revised often website will do the game class station, one will make the industry stand. Google, this site has been I do not know the direction, therefore the authority of a very small, easy to neglect, Shielding.

6, do not blindly do link to some site in the beginning to establish a link of friendship, only to seek other sites, Google's pr value, and neglected site is Google the shield, the new station to chain by Google blocked site, it is easy Google shield, there is at first site when there is no prestige, to express a number of articles, or to link some of the other site, Bing does not what , but you remember, you do Google optimization.

Compliance with industry rules easy to offend others, and avoid enemies retaliation, the use of a bad wrist, so that site was blocked.

SEO experience understand the site ranked no traffic cause analysis?

Website Optimization

This question has been answered a few back, I issued an article stressed under. Also proposed to consider the following reasons:

1 keywords themselves to retrieve a small amount with difficult words: If you are the choice of target keywords their search is very small.

2, keyword ranking does not front the individual user is more concerned about the location of the site is at the top of the front site was likely to click will be much higher than the back, and this is what we do seo purposes. Our keyword optimization to a position far forward as possible. If you row in section 7, 8, 9, contrived click the probability is relatively low.

3, the title is not attractive title of the page title optimization is a key part of that we say to optimize the one hand, the search engine gives high weight of this label, on the other hand is, as appropriate, to the title tag is displayed in the search list, will highlight the theme of our website, so we have to as much as possible so that it could attract the visitor's eye, click on our website.

4.Describing not suck catches the description meta tag optimization should also note that, although not on the ranking of large, but will still be displayed in the search list, is also rough on our website, a first volume, if you do not attractive, but most likely will not click, missed a lot of traffic.

5 Key words only get the ranking of a region.
Google's ranking of regional factors on the inside, the remaining regions the user is searching not before - a website to optimize the analysis of a very major one work, including data analysis, keyword analysis, competitor analysis and so on. A good SEO strategy needs to establish the number of effective data analysis, basically, so that the talent enough to completely balance all SEO names.

My site rankings why not go?

Why I added a new page search engine is not included?

My website ranking why out?

Many of these issues, for SEO, the staff responsible for search engine optimization for the site to do a full diagnosis, analysis, and perhaps the skill to find the department where the problem lies. SEO project as a whole, the site analysis can be said to be everywhere.

The keyword long tail of keyword analysis practice strategy: do keyword analysis, our aim is to find the competition is not fierce, but valuable keywords. When conducting keyword analysis of the site deleted posts, we usually need to think about the keywords will not be too popular keywords is in compliance with the user's search habits, more user-blowing combination of keywords with which the text.

2 when you conclude a keyword, then do certainly want measures Keywords at least upgrade to the search engine ranking analysis of the top 10. Then we shall have to top 10 website.

For example: The weight of each site how? Analysis of the first page of 10 search results page?

(3) content analysis of what kind of hobbies by the user, what kind of content may lead to more traffic, what kind of content may lead to higher benefits? The same is need to analyze the contents of the addition, we also need to analyze competitors strategy.

Search engine - search engine optimization promotion is the representation of the major search engines, do not search engine optimization becomes  Bing optimization, Yahoo optimization. SEO strategy for a search engine, which is not conducive to the long development of the site.

Last: a victory SEO must understand this way, you will be able to find new and easier ways to optimize your website, which will help improve your customer base, the progress of your site's traffic. Search engine optimization analysis can allow the site to expand the impact of growth in link, users move to the potential users through search engines to find my site.

based search engine optimization technique is to create a user-friendly search engine to index the website could allow the site search engine smoothly climb to take a page, some HTML code inside the program, did not identify the crawl can. For example, some of the site's images, JS, Frame, there is no complete judgment of the information included in these files. Therefore, the analogy, complex code, spiders read up hard even more.

Therefore, when planning a site, the programmers to develop web application, our initiatives need to pay attention to the following number of issues:

one, the whole station of the link code any of the links, the best based on the HTML link code to achieve. Do not pass into the program hacking SEO, like JS to pass the link, the search engine spiders can not read this link code.

Second, focus on the handling of text content for some key information on the page, in order to facilitate data updates, the site administrator for these information package or nested disposal. SEO point of view, is a major fault. The disadvantages of doing so is that search engine spiders will be helpless crawling web pages, text and page does not comment content, is an empty page. This page within the entire station, entrenched must be the proportion of the case, may lead to the punishment of the search engine, for example: content similar degrees too high.

Third, the need to pay attention to the details of the links and pages of information, is the most important details.The entire site consists of an internal links and a picture page link is the Web interconnected bridge. If search engines can not crawl to the link, for example, pages within the site as a whole is isolated. The contents of each page is the site value of the expression.

The search engines can not smooth the index information, you can not read information on the site, natural and natural will gradually decline in the frequency of site index. So the internal links to do interactivity, smooth crawl in order to allow search engines to update frequently
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SEO Copywriting - Useful Tips

SEO Copywriting - Useful Tips

Where should a SEO text to meet? How often can you repeat a keyword? What about semantics and why You Should Also use synonyms? This posting about SEO copywriting, you will find some useful tips.

What is a good SEO-text?
 "Where should a good SEO text meet?" It meets at least the following seven aspects:

A clear focus keyword and subject.
The correct positioning of the focus keyword in text and formatting of a page.
An effective text structure.
Keyword density within-acceptable limits.
The use of semantics and synonyms.
Sufficiently relevant and unique text.
Quality and value to the visitor.
There are more 'on-page "That rules are important for SEO, for example, the page URL, outbound links and images with' appropriate alt tag.

Help Googlebot
With the right SEO text you help Googlebot the subject of the landing page to qualification. When that easy, you have a lead on the texts of the Competitors. It can direct positive impact on your ranking.

SEO texts: focus keyword and location in the text
The focus-keyword is the word (or phrase) you want to be found. For Each keyword, a unique text to be written. Multiple keywords processed in a landing page I advise. The position in the text where the focus keyword is placed, or Importance. Like the 'umfeld' of the text. Not only is the focus Determines the topic or keyword your page but Also all other Replace existing text. This reinforcement you focus the keyword can be overused Also in images (alt tag), page url and outbound links.

SEO Copywriting Tips

The focus keyword Should at least be Mentioned in the following formatting elements:

Page title
Article header (H1)
First paragraph in
Paragraph header (H2)
Place the keyword focus always in front. So the first word in the article and the page title. Google assesses the top of the page text as the most important text. The text at the bottom of a page Clearly has less value. The introduction in the first para graph or great Importance for the determination of the subject matter of the page. Not only for Googlebot but Also for the visitor.

Effective structuring text
The structure of the text must according to the structure. This is less relevant for search engines, but for the conversion. You can ask the PPPP structure (picture, promise, prove, push) use: a technique widely overused in direct mail. It is an excellent method for the visitor to a landing page step by step to seduce him to turn into action (AIDA model).

Keyword Density
A much Discussed topic in SEO texts the keyword density. In other words, How often do you use a focus-keyword in the text. This Is Usually Expressed as a percentage: keyword ratio. There are Several tools That you can calculate for you.

The discussion about keyword density Often in the text is about the most optimal ratio. Too little would adversely affect the ranking. Too much, Because That sees Google as keyword spamming. do not overdo it. Too many keywords do not like reading and it is not Necessary. You can much better text Optimize by Using semantics and synonyms.

Semantics and synonyms
Semantics and in Particular Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) has long been seen as an important development in SEO field. I want this article to elaborate on semantics. Already Erik-Jan has written me about: LSI - The use of semantics in search engines. In short, LSI analyzes the use of words in texts. The analysis Provides insight, All which words are related. These are Usually The Same subject or words All which have to do. It Is Possible with LSI complete texts to link to Those topics.

It is an SEO copywriter is important That he is the semantic distance Between words. INSTEAD OF Endlessly repeating the keyword, you better start looking for words with a small semantic distance and Incorporate Into the text. For example:

Keyword Train - words with a small semantic distance: station, track
Keyword Ferrari: sports car, red, Italy, luxury
Keyword Brussels: chocolates, European Parliament
Insurance Keyword: luggage, travel, emergency center, policy
The use of synonyms is Also important: it ensures the text That looks more natural and enjoyable read.

Search engines to fit semantic analysis of texts, the subject of a text to determining. LSI engines or by Recognizing the text naturally and logically pattern. Ting results in an Unnatural Such As Automatically translated texts or onoptimized Recognize texts. These texts are Given a lower ranking in search results.

Sufficiently relevant and unique text
A landing page must be a minimum or 300 words. That competitive keywords this number is too low. I myself prefer to about 500 words.

The text on a landing page must be unique. Especially compared to Their Own content. Copying of text from other websites Usually futile. First, it is not permitted due to copyright. In addition ', Google Prefers unique text. Existing text is indeed bone Already Assigned and indexed.

Quality and value for the visitor
"Content is king 'A lofty statement, but a truism. Everything revolves around the content, Especially in texts.   "It's not that Difficult to rank number 1 in Google, you just make sure you're the best." A text so on may be a tile. To Achieve this ambition can come true, you obviously know what to do to become the best. You could start with good texts on your website. A good quality text is rewarded in Several ways:

That by Google your page is better late vines.
Desired by visitors to the conversion to make.
Another Consideration That is a good text, you a backlink or a Tweet can bring.

Summary and Conclusion
SEO can for convenience divide in technology, link building and content. Especially link building and content receive little attention in practice, Because it is always long and labor-intensive processes are Concerned. It amazes me that companies invested in a power-SEA campaigns or SEO process, but Hardly any time stabbing in optimizing landing pages. While the actual conversion must take place there.

Take your landing pages under the microscope and determining if They measured the above seven aspects. Do you have too little knowledge of the matter or no time? Take an experienced SEO copywriter in the arm. An investment with an excellent ROI.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

New Google Plane for Wrong SEO

New Google Plane for Wrong SEO

From Google Would Be garbage finally Disappear without quality content, in Which the Higher positions in the results was given only overly Because of aggressive optimization (SEO). At the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas's said Matt Cutts from Google.

The company intends to Introduce a New Product Within the next weeks to months. Indexing Robot Will Be Will more intelligent and try to analyze the sites for the presence of content That does have Questionable value for visitors, however "precise" SEO.

The front seats should thus finally Disappear all kinds of sites Dubious That CONTAIN only extracts keywords and a tremendous Amount of links. All subsequent wrap advertising. Several dry specimens can Be found on the Czech Internet, so let's hope the new Googlebot That as soon as Possible falls on the domestic network.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Google Algorithms and Other Search Changes

Google Algorithms and other search changes

Google better and better. Such a picture can capture the big search engines from the media and may actually see in search results. You Should Be is always better and better.

Drastic Happens Nothing, however, the Google search engine Attempts to reach where we waited for him years ago.

The basic philosophy that i try and apply a mint on Their Web sites (not at all Saying That) lies in the quality of content. That I think once it Reaches Google and Its Users, Who use it to search the Internet, just send Will the quality sites with added value. The original content, and large, well built website, backed by a lot of hard work.

This helps Google PR. Through HIS articles, Which subsequently spread media tells the public That is Constantly working on it. "Do not overdo it with SEO, to not use PR to quality content sites, etc.."

Interesting changes:


Panda is a fighter against PR sites publish duplicate content That riddled with references. Allegedly for the reduction of PageRank These sites and of course should limit Their occurrence in the results.

Semantic results

Google Will try to answer questions, predict the correct Interpretation of the search term, Either the result or it considers proper. In the coming weeks we should wait and intelligence That Even The Wrong Questions That Provide results actually look.

Onerous ads

The struggle against advertising aroused embarrassment. Google Announced That it Will That penalized sites have at the top of a disproportionate Amount of advertising elements.

Fighting SEO
Rampant occurrence of keywords (SEO Called texts) and other SEO techniques That should not have Any search engine like a long time. Reduce the quality of content and allow the winning results page sites That Do not Deserve It.

Fight against over-and amateur SEO Will say more of the news That Google is preparing for us.

And what happens?

In the past Google has made changes in the ITS Several algorithms. It is a constant struggle, as he fights the underworld with the law. Criminals always come up with inventive new Ways To Achieve Their goals and are still one step ahead of police.

Moreover, the projection of Google, quite logically, hindered by the Lack of content That Would like to offer. While it Solves the first positions on Wikipedia, because the majority of the visitors to disappoint, but there Were Also no indications That Would he inform Google what content is missing on the Internet.

It had it with the arrival of the pandas. Google Would work with big media and Them Supplied with information about what people are looking for, but what They can offer Because it has been written. Similar Arrangements Creators of MFA, the difference being only in the fact That Would Be this money from the media and Google Would earn double. He got paid for the tips on content and it is the server Likely That Would Cooperating sites with AdSense ads appear. The content of the Internet are subject to the next article.

One can hardly predict how far artificial intelligence machines can go and what to expect in the future. I can not predict it. All changes in Google algorithms but I already skeptical. It Seems To Me That I can see the results of the MFA as well as years ago, and That the lower number is the result of eliminating poor quality content, but Rather the result of constant pressure on Their PR (Potential) authors.
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