Monday, January 30, 2012

Bold, Italic & other format

How to Use Strong, Bold, Italics and Underline Tags

 Bold, Italic & other format

Special formatting of your related keywords along with your primary and secondary keyword terms in also plays an active role in getting search engines to trace your particular article with relation to the keywords a user has searched for.
The bold or strong tags not only highlight your text in the copy for your readers but also tell the search engines about the relevancy of your content.
Bold Tag: <bold> Keyword </bold>
Strong Tag: <strong> Keyword </strong>
Italicizing and underlining your primary, secondary and related keyword terms also make your article more keyword enriched.
Italic: <em> Keyword </em>
Underline: <u> Keyword </u>

HTML tags that bold, italic, and underline your content must be used everywhere. The most important thing while optimizing content is to use as many tags as possible. There is a plethora of cool HTML codes for your ease. Okay, that doesn't mean you flood your content with unnecessary bolds and underlines! Just keep in mind that Google crawlers identify and lay emphasis on these tags the most.

Bold, Italic & other format

How to Seo optimize heading boost your traffic?

 Search engine optimize heading can seriously boost your website traffic. Well Seo optimize heading is main key to boost your traffic. Heading displays description in search engines and if you have write seo optimize heading then it will surely boost your traffic instantly.

Search engine likes heading in which you have write about 100+ characters. Use your main keyword with bold, Italic and underline tags in heading to make it seo friendly. Minimum 3 times you should use your keyword so that it can boost your traffic.
seo tips boost your traffic
seo tips will boost your traffic

Your keyword tells story about your seo optimize content – Later it will boost your traffic

Your keyword tells story about your post to search engines. Look image, i have used my main keyword as seo friendly quality content. I have used two times in heading to make it seo optimize. One keyword with bold tag, one with italic. You should use atleast 3 keyword in your post to make it better seo optimize.

Remove unneeded files

10 styles is nice but way overkill. Lets condense it to 4, regular, bold, italic and bold-italic, that ought to keep all our designers happy. We could probably get rid of bold-italic but we’ll keep it just to add a challenge. It’s important to note that IE downloads every font specified in the style sheet regardless of whether it’s actually used on the page. So it will be downloading our four fonts even if there is no bolded and italicized text.  Notice in the css I changed the font-family of each @font-face rule to be the same and changed the font-weight and font-style property to match to font file. This allows us to use <em> or <b> tags as we normally would without having to specify a different font-family.

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