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Social Media Optimization Like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin etc

Social Media
Social Media Optimization Like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin etc

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit attract millions of monthly visitors vote on new articles, videos and other content that is added. The visitor decides which items are important enough to appear on the front page. Logically, given the many items polulaire traffic and backlinks. Social media websites are one of the main sources from which a viral can be picked up and spreading themselves over the Internet. This makes it very interesting for companies to optimize their content for social media.

Wikipedia defines Social Media Optimization (SMO) as a " set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and social websites. Methods of SMO include, among others, adding RSS feeds, social news buttons, blogging , and the inclusion of third party tools such as images and videos. Social media optimization is related to search engine marketing, but differs in several ways, particularly the focus on driving traffic from sources other than the search engines, though improved search engine ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO. "

Social Media Optimization
SMO and SMM campaigns and resources

Social Media is about you (your company) and your target audience. The key is to work with you to your audience to understand and then the industry in which you sit to analyze, to see which social media techniques work best for you.

Social Network Campaign as Facebook or Twitter . Social networks are attractive because consumers come into contact with other consumers and the trust is often higher. This strategy works best when integrated with other marketing strategies.

Optimising YouTube: YouTube channel design - simply put: create a website with your corporate identity on the second largest search engine on the web today! Promote your videos simultaneously to achieving organic listings, YouTube Analytics & Reporting.

Authoritarian campaign Blog : Copywriting, RSS, Pinging and consistent frequency!
Online brand reputation : the track and listen to everything said about your brand, managing rumors and bad problems. Brand reputation is to know everything, positive and negative, that affects your brand online • Interactive site elements: Can people vote for the best article on your site? Is there a need for an interactive calculator? Can they post comments?

Social Bookmarking Campaign : Strategic bookmark for an increased exposure to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, as far as possible to help!

Photo Sharing Campaigns : Browse your Flickr photos with an interactive widget, Optimize your images and post online so the community can see, Follow how many times they are viewed, and the click-through rates for each picture.

Social Media Optimization icons
Online engagement through social media
In addition to the effect that social media optimization can have on your rankings in the search engine and direct traffic, it still has a factor that is important. When visitors the opportunity to easily find items to share a bit of interaction between the person and your brand. Through social media allows you to increase your customers' online engagement.
Social Media Optimization tips
To remember
Social media continues to grow and is becoming increasingly important
It is profitable to optimize your website for social media
Social media allows people to get active with your brand.

Improve linkability : Avoid static content and update it regularly. Start a blog,

1. offers whitepapers or articles or present content from elsewhere in a convenient format.

2. Make tagging and bookmarking easy : Provides buttons to not only content sites like to easily add, also make suggestions to a page tag and tag your own content on popular social bookmarking sites.

3. Reward inbound links : Links to a site will be rewarded with higher positions in search engines. Reward links through your own pages and give a permanent link to the sites that link to your site on your own site name.

4. Help your content to mobile : Make sure your content is movable. Think of PDFs, video and audio files. Let your content to travel and make sure traffic via links back to your site creates.

5. Encourage mixed forms : Let others reuse your content. Take an example to YouTube through the provision of scripts that you have their videos on your site can get their own growth have promoted. But RSS is an ideal tool for your content to mix with other sites and extra traffic in motion.

6. Add value to your users : Think of links to other sources, even to competitors. Make sure your community for the most important information source, leading to additional links and better search engine results.

7. Reward helpful and valuable users : Some users are very active, have great influence and are in fact the champions on your social site. Reward them with attention, for example on the homepage or via a ranking system. Or search by e-mail contact with them.

8. Participate in the conversation : Join the conversation, social media is a two way street. By working with the community in talks to build awareness and buzz. Participation helps your message spread further and faster and leads to snowball effects.

9. Know how your audience should target: Know your audience . It is not realistic for everyone on your site to have. You will appeal to a certain group and not another. Know what works and for whom.

10. Create content : There is always a certain type of content to find that 'works'. Whether it's a widget, something humorous or a whitepaper. Find out which content works for you, and agree to work.

11. Be real : The community does not like parties that mystify things.

12. Not deny your roots, stay humble : Sometimes success with you to the course. Do not forget who you've become great, keep showing respect for the fans of the first hour.

13. Do not be shocked back for new things, keep renewing : Social media are constantly changing, keep up with new tools, products and pursue new challenges in your social sphere.

14. Develop a SMO strategy : Determine your goals and formulate goals. What should you bring: reputation, sell, influence, credibility, traffic, etc.

15. Choose a smart SMO tactics : Consider carefully how you can withdraw the maximum result. Focus on content creators or the people who enrich the content or reuse.

16. Make SMO part of your process and best practices : Like SEO SMO tactics should become part of the best practices of your organization. Also try to let SMO part of the template-level document creation and information distribution.


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