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SEO Copywriting - Useful Tips

SEO Copywriting - Useful Tips

Where should a SEO text to meet? How often can you repeat a keyword? What about semantics and why You Should Also use synonyms? This posting about SEO copywriting, you will find some useful tips.

What is a good SEO-text?
 "Where should a good SEO text meet?" It meets at least the following seven aspects:

A clear focus keyword and subject.
The correct positioning of the focus keyword in text and formatting of a page.
An effective text structure.
Keyword density within-acceptable limits.
The use of semantics and synonyms.
Sufficiently relevant and unique text.
Quality and value to the visitor.
There are more 'on-page "That rules are important for SEO, for example, the page URL, outbound links and images with' appropriate alt tag.

Help Googlebot
With the right SEO text you help Googlebot the subject of the landing page to qualification. When that easy, you have a lead on the texts of the Competitors. It can direct positive impact on your ranking.

SEO texts: focus keyword and location in the text
The focus-keyword is the word (or phrase) you want to be found. For Each keyword, a unique text to be written. Multiple keywords processed in a landing page I advise. The position in the text where the focus keyword is placed, or Importance. Like the 'umfeld' of the text. Not only is the focus Determines the topic or keyword your page but Also all other Replace existing text. This reinforcement you focus the keyword can be overused Also in images (alt tag), page url and outbound links.

SEO Copywriting Tips

The focus keyword Should at least be Mentioned in the following formatting elements:

Page title
Article header (H1)
First paragraph in
Paragraph header (H2)
Place the keyword focus always in front. So the first word in the article and the page title. Google assesses the top of the page text as the most important text. The text at the bottom of a page Clearly has less value. The introduction in the first para graph or great Importance for the determination of the subject matter of the page. Not only for Googlebot but Also for the visitor.

Effective structuring text
The structure of the text must according to the structure. This is less relevant for search engines, but for the conversion. You can ask the PPPP structure (picture, promise, prove, push) use: a technique widely overused in direct mail. It is an excellent method for the visitor to a landing page step by step to seduce him to turn into action (AIDA model).

Keyword Density
A much Discussed topic in SEO texts the keyword density. In other words, How often do you use a focus-keyword in the text. This Is Usually Expressed as a percentage: keyword ratio. There are Several tools That you can calculate for you.

The discussion about keyword density Often in the text is about the most optimal ratio. Too little would adversely affect the ranking. Too much, Because That sees Google as keyword spamming. do not overdo it. Too many keywords do not like reading and it is not Necessary. You can much better text Optimize by Using semantics and synonyms.

Semantics and synonyms
Semantics and in Particular Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) has long been seen as an important development in SEO field. I want this article to elaborate on semantics. Already Erik-Jan has written me about: LSI - The use of semantics in search engines. In short, LSI analyzes the use of words in texts. The analysis Provides insight, All which words are related. These are Usually The Same subject or words All which have to do. It Is Possible with LSI complete texts to link to Those topics.

It is an SEO copywriter is important That he is the semantic distance Between words. INSTEAD OF Endlessly repeating the keyword, you better start looking for words with a small semantic distance and Incorporate Into the text. For example:

Keyword Train - words with a small semantic distance: station, track
Keyword Ferrari: sports car, red, Italy, luxury
Keyword Brussels: chocolates, European Parliament
Insurance Keyword: luggage, travel, emergency center, policy
The use of synonyms is Also important: it ensures the text That looks more natural and enjoyable read.

Search engines to fit semantic analysis of texts, the subject of a text to determining. LSI engines or by Recognizing the text naturally and logically pattern. Ting results in an Unnatural Such As Automatically translated texts or onoptimized Recognize texts. These texts are Given a lower ranking in search results.

Sufficiently relevant and unique text
A landing page must be a minimum or 300 words. That competitive keywords this number is too low. I myself prefer to about 500 words.

The text on a landing page must be unique. Especially compared to Their Own content. Copying of text from other websites Usually futile. First, it is not permitted due to copyright. In addition ', Google Prefers unique text. Existing text is indeed bone Already Assigned and indexed.

Quality and value for the visitor
"Content is king 'A lofty statement, but a truism. Everything revolves around the content, Especially in texts.   "It's not that Difficult to rank number 1 in Google, you just make sure you're the best." A text so on may be a tile. To Achieve this ambition can come true, you obviously know what to do to become the best. You could start with good texts on your website. A good quality text is rewarded in Several ways:

That by Google your page is better late vines.
Desired by visitors to the conversion to make.
Another Consideration That is a good text, you a backlink or a Tweet can bring.

Summary and Conclusion
SEO can for convenience divide in technology, link building and content. Especially link building and content receive little attention in practice, Because it is always long and labor-intensive processes are Concerned. It amazes me that companies invested in a power-SEA campaigns or SEO process, but Hardly any time stabbing in optimizing landing pages. While the actual conversion must take place there.

Take your landing pages under the microscope and determining if They measured the above seven aspects. Do you have too little knowledge of the matter or no time? Take an experienced SEO copywriter in the arm. An investment with an excellent ROI.
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