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Google Algorithm Changes in March 2012

Google Algorithm Changes in March 2012

Each month, Google makes several updates to its search engine to refine the results. Here are the changes in the Google algorithm to March 2012.

Autocomplete for mathematical symbols - Appointed Blackbord, this change in Google includes mathematical symbols in the search. These symbols include: +, -, *, /, ^, (), =. This allows, for example, to look for results on mathematical formulas as E = mc ² or y = mx + b.
Improving the management of the indexing symbols - past, punctuation symbols were ignored by Google, but now they are taken into account and include%, $, \,., @, #, +, and other symbols will be included in the future.

A better rating by group News - Google News gathers the group and this change provides a better rating to get results better and more reliable on a given query.
Of Sitelinks faster - uses Google Sitelinks to provide links to the different sections of a site to provide better user experience. Google accelerates the change of the update of these Sitelinks that once took several weeks.

Technical improvement on Autocomplete - This change speeds up processing of Autocomplet Google. This is much faster and uses less bandwidth.

Better management of change passwords - This change ensures that all changes of your passwords are passed on to your search.

Better indexing profile pages - This change provides better indexing of your profile pages. Thus, it can recognize more than 200 social networks.

New interface for news overall - This change provides a better experience in reading the news overall. Thus, the best item is displayed with a larger font while large images and information of the author are also better displayed.

Improved results on the search navigation - navigation by research that indicates that you perform on a particular site, for example Wikipedia . This change improves this research, for example, if you do not know the precise URL of the article.

Updated quality sites (Google Panda) and refreshing content - A small update to Google Panda to detect new quality sites, but its content is periodically renewed. The quality of the site depends on the content, but also technical changes in improving the user experience.

Live results for the Champions League and the KHL - Now Snippets show live results of the Champions League and the KHL (Russian Hockey League). Other Live results are available for the NFL or the NBA. An advanced semantic search?

Research on tennis - In the same vein, one can also obtain results on Live tennis. Type a player name or a tennis competition to get info on Live. Google wants to dominate the sports results from its own content.
Results more relevant images - A search for the best images. This change allows Google to find great images even if they are on pages of low quality.

Better images of all languages ​​- Similarly, the Autocomplet offers better results in all languages ​​when it was only available for English.

SafeSearch tweaking images - SafeSearch Google Images has been refined so that users do not see adult content. New ways been enhanced to detect this type of content.

Disabling the criterion of text anchors - A major change is that Google can not count the text anchors of these criteria. Instead, it will use other methods to know the value. These new methods have not been sent.
Simplification in the overall images - Improvements to simplify the code for images. Also improvements to deliver better results on these images.

Higher rankings and interface on mobile - When searching for your mobile applications, the results show the application icon, his popularity, price and download links. The results also depend on the phone you use (iOS, Android, etc.).

Improvement to display the latest videos - options to detect the old videos and replace them with newer content.

Less relevant non-synonymous - A change to Google is that you will have less synonymous non-relevant queries. This will avoid displaying content that has nothing to do with the request.
Better management of queries on local objectives and Navigation - Some queries have goals related to a localized or navigation ( connected directly to a site ). This change allows Google to balance the two types of results for better efficiency.

Improvement on the update Freshness - There are some less, Google introduced the update Freshness to favor recent content, but the result was not satisfactory and consumed too many resources. Therefore, this change in Google this update focuses only on certain types of queries.

Improved to detect quality sites - have long an update of Google classifies quality sites in the long run. This change provides improved reliability of this classification.

A better interpretation and use of text anchors - Google has improved the way he interprets and uses anchor text. This determines the relevance of this anchor text based on the application or site.

Improvement of local news - This change significantly improves new localized by finding better sources.
Disabling a signal on Google News - Google no longer considers a test that was used to assess the relevance of Google News articles. This criterion was not performing.

Better management of synonyms - Google uses many synonyms to provide similar results, but this is not always satisfactory. Thus, the mean cat could be animal or fur . The problem is that these synonyms are too general to be effective. Thus, the word dog also refers to animal and fur and therefore, someone typing cat will get dog as a result. This change in Google avoids this generalization synonyms.

Improved accuracy and performance of synonyms - In the same vein, synonyms are now more accurate to avoid non-relevant results that would fall into the same category of the query. One objective of this change is to eliminate duplication by logic.

For tweaking the display of results - Google has improved its system to identify terms that are not necessary to trace the relevant document. This allows for queries that only show reliable results.

Synonyms less aggressive - Some users have complained to Google that some of its synonyms were too aggressive. Thus, the results show some synonyms that have no connection with the request. This change reduces this problem.

Updated geographic content - This change affects the signals that are based on the geographical location of services such as Google Maps and Google Earth .

Better detection of proper names - A change for better detection of proper names, including celebrities.
Updated custom results - Some signals change customized results.

Improvement in the relevance of image search - Other signals have been added to detect images of a reasonable size on high quality landing pages.

Removing a signal related to the relevance of the site - Google has removed a signal on the relevance of the products on a site.

Better detection of obsolete pages - Many changes to detect pages that are not changed for several years. Thus, they disappear gradually results of users.

Better detection of languages ​​in Autocomplete - In general, the Autocomplet based on the language for displaying the results on a given language. For many languages, Google tries to guess the language in the petition and this change is now available for Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Improved to detect the dates on the articles of forums and blogs  - Better detection of dates on articles of forums and blogs.

More from the Autocomplete with rewriting - This change some queries Google rewritten on the fly to display more results. Synonyms are used among other things. Rewriting may include adding, deleting or reordering of a term in the query.

Of extended Sitelinks for Mobile - The SiteLink extended are now available for mobile pages.
Quick answers more specific - sometimes Google responds to the user with Snippets through its database Freebase . This change fixes some bugs and offers greater precision.

Migration options for video - Google has migrated some of the options on the Advanced Search for video to the main search engine.

A button in more countries and areas - a button is now available in many languages ​​of the results and fields. The advantage is that the button has a recommendation on action on his requests, as users who use this button one are the same theme.

Refresh the results on the shelves - The user interface for local results has been updated to make it more compact and easy to read.

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