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Content Editing and Content Rewriting

Content Editing and Content Rewriting
It is often useful to update the content of your website in order to adapt to changes in the text of your industry or consumer habits.
Rework the fluidity of the text for easy reading, correct any spelling mistakes or syntax, text structure adapt to the constraints inherent in the on-screen reading, are changes involved in the ergonomics of your site .

On-page optimization, content rewirting are the topics of your daily business? You need for your SEO texts a certain keyword density, to obtain a good positioning in search engines? In addition to using a specific keyword density is one of them also unique text content. Independent Publishing provides you with fast and competent to provide the required texts, in the best text quality and 100 percent of search engine relevance.

Unique content according to your specifications
In order to ensure unique content and good positioning of the text for your website in search engines, Independent Publishing is working with the software copyright Copyscape. This checks the text before sending them on their distinctive and unique content.
In addition, their system allows you, for each contract and each keyword to define an individual keyword density, which is closely monitored in the copywriting.

Content Editing and Content Rewriting Tips

Content Rewriting

The Impact of copywriting is essential in the hypertext environment of the Internet. Change the title of a topic, a title or a hyperlink, and You Can Vary reading the spleen Corresponding to a ratio of 1 to 10. Internet users behave very fleeting; To Be read, you must Be brief, clear and informative. Inspired by the user experience, this article, Which Wants To Be very concrete, a small fifty Own summarizes advice in writing on the Internet.

Article summary

The content of the items
The pictures

1. Titles
A. Provide essential title for Every year page.
The title is:

2. Shorts
Between 4 and 10 words.
Ideally, the title Should we did one line.
Eliminate all adjectives, prepositions, adverbs and Unnecessary circumlocution.

3. Visible
in the central area of ​​the page, above-the happy Immediately.
Use a font size larger Than the body text.
Outlawing italics, underlining or capitalization

4. Explicit
Understood the vocabulary by the audience.
Describing the best content possible of the page and Its added value
(Anticipation of the content).
Without acronym, abbreviation or idiom

5. Catchy
Inviting content playback, Provided That THEY REMAIN clear.
Avoid rhetorical effect: word games, exclamatory punctuation, promotional language.
Check if a sentence with a verb Does not make the title more dynamic.

6. Containing keywords
Consider search engines the content of titles to index web pages.
Reuse thesis keywords in the text to Enhance the consistency of the message.

7. Having autonomous meaning-year
the title is Likely To Be included in an interactive table of contents. Through a search engine, users Cdn Go directly on the page, They Should Be Able to Immediately Understand the scope.
Eight. Whose first words Are The Most Significant.

9. If a day is associated with the title, it established the after the title.
2. Introductions

10. Limit clings to a single short paragraph.

11. To hang the show, use bolding or A Separate background color, but never gold Stressed italics.

12. Summarize the essential information.
Be the grip must have read a "brief".
By soi, it deriving their The Basis of the information. The rest of the Article Simply Provides more details.
To help you summarize the info, the art of Apply "W 5" which leads to Meet the Five Basic Questions That the reader wonders: Who? What? When? Where? Why?. In Other Words: Who is affected? what's new, what are we talking about? When did it happen That gold when is this going to happen? where? why?

13. On Target: Do not Introduce a topic by a welcome note of gold inconsistent with the usual precautions. Apply the principle of the "inverted pyramid" which means clustering That We start with the basics, then to go Into detail and Into the shade.
3. The content of the items

14. Cut out the information in Several Paragraphs.

15. Limit yourself to one idea per paragraph, Which Will APPEAR in the first sentence of the paragraph.

16. Use, if Necessary, Several blocks of information. Deport the information, or recurrent Specialized Specialized in boxes (eg, key figures, interviews, sources, etc. ..).

17. Use headings, along Especially In texts (more Than 2,000 characters).

18. Limit the length of the page: between 500 and 4000 characters if possible. If your comments require more length, Consider The Possibility of cutting mini Into the content folder.

19. Put the keyword in bold. Without abuse.

20. Use the bulleted lists or numbered, that 'Give Relief to the page.

21. Illustrate your content using visual informative.

22. Use short sentences (15-20 words on average), the vocabulary and style simple, concrete, direct, and concise.
Between two equivalent expressions, always choose the shortest (eg, "except" instead of "except").
Use the active voice passive Rather Than.
Replace conditional on Two awards.
Avoid sentences Accumulating numbers, acronyms, abbreviations or enumerations.
Avoid clauses, phrases in parentheses, the semicolon or colon When Used as a moyen de Providing information or an accessory breathing in a long sentence.

23. Avoid jargon (legal, administrative, commercial, etc. ..).

24. Avoid acronyms and Other abbreviations "not universal", UNLESS the early Have Explained in the text.

25. Adjust your tone to your target and maintain to consist of a tone.
Content Editing
26. To Ensure the longevity of your content, use of absolute time markers ("December 2012" rather than "next month").

27. Avoid Specific spatial cues paper gold records ("see below," "below", "above", "next page") or hierarchical (as chaptering Ia gold II.a), b), c), ...). These benchmarks are foreign to hypertext navigation.
For The Same Reasons, do not use footnotes page.
4. Hyperlinks

28. Limit the number of links in pages:
September maximum recommended links area Within a Grouped links to outside content to consume.
The links in the body text REMAIN Should exceptional.

29. In general, group links in the margin or at the bottom of items injustement integrate Than Them Into the body of the text (Which deriving their incitement to digress).

30. Write explicit links, Giving a clear idea of ​​What They lead to.
Avoid Such links have "click here", "next page".

31. Links Should Be Neither too short (Which Makes Them inconspicuous gold Unspecific) or too long (Which Makes little scannable). Feel free to link it up the more words, but never paragraph Entire year. The links Consist of 3-8 words work perfectly.

32. Avoid redundant links That The Same provide statement to access content.

33. sure to Ensure the correspondence of the link title and the title of the destination page.

34. Accompany gladly link to a short description text more accurately.
That notes in HTML, you-can OPTIONALLY a TITLE attribute to associate the link (additional description, more explicit, that 'Appears to mouseover).

35. Make sure your links are discriminating. Ties, Especially adjacent Areas Must Be Clearly Differentiated. For example, do not mingle a link "New" and "News" link ... The Most explicit or visit ... "New Site" and "Press Releases".

36. Preferably use the standard colors (blue for unvisited links and purple for visited links). In all cells, use different colors for visited and unvisited links.

37. Underline links. Only acceptable exception: the links in the navigation interface, where 'the interactive graphic design Makes clear.

38. Conversely, do not underline the non-interactive text.

39. exceptions (large PDF files, applications, ...), avoid links open a new window, at least for Any happy Belonging to the Same Site.

40. Always include a link to the user opens the Content Other than a web page (PDF, Word document, etc. ..).

41. Provide alternative hypertext links year in the box of pictures.
5. The pictures

42. Combine your pictures a text alternative. This is a text equivalent, descriptive and concise, visible in mouseover.

43. Prefer informational images.

44. Whenever possible, plan a legend, concise and Giving Meaning to the image.
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