Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RSS - Really Simple Syndication


What is RSS?
RSS stands for Rich Site Sumary or Really Simple Syndication, is a format that allows you to distribute the contents of your site in a standardized way that allows it to be read in several readers news . The addresses that distribute news in RSS format are also known as feeds. There are news feeds to other formats as RDF and Atom .

The advantage of reading news via RSS is that you can focus on a single reader of hundreds of news sites and different receive these updates daily without having to visit each site, selecting their news sources you can keep informed and optimize your time. Today, nearly all news sites distribute their content in RSS.

Rss Reader

You can use a news reader, online or offline, offline readers generally have more features and are faster, the online counterpart to allow you to keep a single control of their feeds to be independent at home, at work or in a lan- house. One of the most used offline readers is FeedReader and one of the most used online readers is Bloglines . A great tool to optimize and promote your RSS feed is FeedBurner ,

To syndicate your web content syndication, to other sites really simple, build inbound links, make today one of the most effective SEO strategy or RSS.

RSS is not only for the blog. - You can deliver the content of your website. : News headlines, product news, tech updates, specials, clearance items, upcoming events, new stock, new articles, tools and resources, new search results, update your site or a new hint of change history books, and recpies. The main object of the RSS feed so that you can follow people every time there is a rss reader of the special use product sales. . To its basic, twitter of the old school.
Really Simple Syndication
To collect the syndicated content - news aggregator called - blog and feed search site. Search engine. Growth of the audience to visit your site to find (content that is created by RSS feed) the new content has been paying attention to the many RSS feeds and dynamic content for this extra traffic. .

Search engine how to use the RSS feed?

Now that you know is it what is rss feed, search engine can be considered an important way of google why in order to pick up the first user. Use this in order to give a page rank better, motion To determine whether there is an rss aggregator as long as possible to the many, is to submit a second meal as rss.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication
RSS Search Engine Optimization for 12 points to take advantage of the SEO RSS feed has been introduced. And 12 in the search engine is included with few of them do not even related, they are considering is valid Tips as feed delivery optimization. Here are sprinkled with 12 pieces and a brief description of paraphrasing them.

A. Title should contain important search terms
This is basic SEO of the site also applies to normal.

(From search engines) to be visible to the 2. RSS feed
When exposing the contents of a feed as part of the content, you will be visible from search engines by using a function such as HTML or ASP or PHP. In addition, the title Let's use the h tags.

3 internal links and external links.
Feed because it can be syndicated in various sites, the links in the feed must be written with an absolute path. In addition, in order to prevent readers from leaving their site, so links open in a separate window.

4. Link text to emphasize the keyword
Try to include keywords in the link of all.

My MSN and to take advantage of 5. My Yahoo!
Let RSS feed of their site and the contents of the My MSN My Yahoo!. Will be indexed in less than two days.
Rss Service
6 For each feed. Theme
By providing a feed for each theme, will make it easier to syndication from the site along the theme that, under the number of links increases.

7. Link popularity
Registered in the directory to the appropriate site feed, let's strive to improve the link popularity.
Overview of the

8. RSS feed (description)
For readers to be able to easily identify whether the content is important for the reader that, let's provide enough information. (The summary should include the information I'll also enough of SEO?)
Subscribe to feed their own

9.Subscribe to the RSS feed of your site is fundamental. By doing so, that looks like you can see how the reader. (· · ·. But feel that SEO is not anymore)

10 image ads.
Let's feed the images into their own site or company logo.

11 order to be aware of. Alphabet
A lot of people in an RSS feed reader is side by side in alphabetical order.

Meaningful link 12.
URL of the item to be included in the feed, should be pointing to the unique content by using a function such as #.

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