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Creation of XML Sitemaps

Creation of XML Sitemaps

OneClickSEO - Creation of XML Sitemaps

A sitemap.xml is an XML file containing a list of the pages of the site along with additional information that indicates how often the page changes its content, when was the last update and its importance with respect to the other pages of the website .

A (XML) Sitemap do not primarily for your visitors, but for the search engines so that your site can quickly search and indexing. And except for normal content of your site, there are sitemaps for including images, videos and news items, so that this content can be found and searched.

The component Sitemaps. A sitemap is an overview of all pages / URLs within your website and in this case is designed to give Google additional information about the structure of your website. It is not necessary to submit a sitemap but it acts as an extra on your website and in itself is recommended. Some SEO experts recommend however to use a sitemap off because they believe that Google sitemap without the structure of a website should understand.

Types Sitemaps
There are some types that you can submit Sitemaps. Besides the regular sitemap can be sent in a mobile sitemap and a Google News sitemap and also a site map to show where videos are located on a website with relevant metadata. For a blog or news website, if you have an RSS feed available if you also can submit additional sitemap.

Once added it will take a while for Googlebot ophaald Sitemap, Sitemap using the menu item in the left menu you can view the status of your Sitemap, such as information about the type sitemap, when the sitemap is submitted and when it is downloaded by the last Google. Furthermore, the status and number of URLs.
OneClickSEO - Creation of XML Sitemaps
 What, how and why? Improve the readability of your website to create your Sitemap. A sitemap for your visitors and the search engine.

A sitemap is an overview of the structure of your website to give. This can be useful for the visitor to the structure of the website to see and in this way to quickly find a page. But for the search engine do well to make a sitemap. The website may become easier to be indexed.

Manually or automatically. You can manually create a sitemap using the "sitemap protocol". This is where your sitemap must meet. For a website with many pages, this is a time consuming process. There are many (free) tools that scan your site and automatically generate a sitemap. Find yourself on the word "sitemap generator".

As I said you make a sitemap for visitors and / or a search engine. The sitemap for your visitors that you make your site structure is designed to clearly display. Please note that this is purely a compliment and you should ensure that the website has a clear navigation structure.
With the sitemap for the search engine you have basically the same purpose. Your site readable for example Google. By creating a sitemap, the search engine pages easier to index. You also have the ability to have the value of a sitemap page to indicate (main page or not). You can also specify which pages herein be changed periodically so that this time the search engine can index.

Creation of XML Sitemaps
OneClickSEO - Creation of XML Sitemaps
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