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Keyword Research and Analysis


The first step in designing a website should be keyword research and analysis. After completing the keyword research and analysis stage, the webmaster can move on to other things. These include getting keyword rich domain name, fully optimized content and site meta. The following are keyword research and analysis tools available in the market today.
1. Wordtracker
Wordtracker is a set of programs that can help a webmaster create a profitable business site. It is especially applicable in pay per click search engine marketing sites. The software provides an enormous 340 million-keyword database. This is loaded with tools making searching for information easy. This makes reaching the target audience easy task.
2. The Google keywords tool
As a webmaster, try using this tool and you will not fail. First thing is to enter your top 5 to 10 keywords that appeal most to you. Keep in mind that both singular and plural forms matter. Google search engine will assist you assemble your keyword list. It gives you those with stronger search results. It eases the webmaster’s job of finding appropriate keywords for a given website. Google works to optimize these websites as they stand to attract more visitors.
3. Wordze
It is one of the popular softwares available in the market today. It offers an effective keyword research tool for webmasters.
4. Keywordspy
This is loaded with tools that are useful in upgrading your pay-per-click campaigns. It performs this function by observing what your rivals use. By using it, you can establish your competitors’ bidding keywords, the bid amount and other useful information. The idea is to understand what works and what does not work in the bidding game. You can use those keywords that work in your site and drive traffic there.
5. Keywordcountry
This service seeks to optimize site profits from AdSense. Unlike other keyword lists, Keywordcountry provides you a reliable interface to search. It has over 6.52 million keywords, making it 60 times bigger than its rivals do. Most of its competitors have 100,000 keywords searches.
6. Spyfu
Spyfu enables you spy on competitors thus establish their secrets. This enable you use superior methods than theirs to make more money. It does this by revealing to you which keywords are better in the market arena.
The tool comes in handy when you upload a PPC campaign on the site. It allows you make better calculations on your investments and derive attractive revenue from them.
7. Keyworddiscovery
This service enables you gather information from over 180 search engines globally. It later compiles a search related statistics range. This way you will recognize keywords that your consumers typically use. This tool can assist you know trends that have affected industry keywords.
8. Keyword Suggestion Tools
This tool will help you establish which keyword combinations are most popular. It extracts this from two databases namely Overture and Keyword Discovery.
9. Seodigger
SEODigger helps cuts down keyword research time for SEO/SEM uses. The tool is free and has a simple interface. It is powerful in that it can dig out massive keyword data with little effort.


Traditional Keyword Suggestion Tools

  • Wordtracker Free Keywords - free keyword suggestions from Wordtracker. Wordtracker also has a more advanced paid version, and sells top keyword reports.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool - recommends keywords based on a keyword you enter or a URL you have the tool analyze
  • Google Suggest Tool - shows frequently search for phrases starting with the words and letters in your query.
  • WordStream Keyword Tool - allows you to export a list of thousands of keywords for free.
  • Keyword Discovery - free keyword tool from Trellian. Trellian also has a more advanced paid version of Keyword Discovery.
  • Microsoft Keyword Forecast - shows predicted Microsoft search impression count and historical trends.
  • Wordze - nice for generating decently large keyword lists quickly and inserting them into paid search campaigns.
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing - Yahoo! has a keyword research tool inside their platform. It is really bad marketing of them to only have the new tool accessible inside their platform, while neglecting their old keyword tool.

Keyword Valuation Tools

  • Google Traffic Estimator - shows the estimated bids prices and ad clicks for the top ranked AdWords ad. Allows you to check for [exact match], "phrase match", or broad match.
  • Google Search Based Keyword Tool - shows keyword search volume estimates and keyword keyword, site, or category. 

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SEO Tools Link Quality Assessment Best February Tool
SEO Services Multi DC PageRank Checker Best March Tool
SEO Tools Search Engine Ranking Report Best April Tool
SEO Forum, Blog & Tools Link Popularity Checker Best June Tool
SEM, SEO Tools & Monthly Report Dogpile Search Comparison Best August Tool
Web Search Online XML Sitemaps Generator Best September Tool
XML Sitemaps Backlink Check Tool Best October Tool
Internet Marketing Services Check Rankings Best November Tool
Online Keyword Ranking Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer Best December Tool
Search Engine Optimization Tools

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Free Meta Keywords Tool Reads meta keywords and hotlinks them to 3 keyword mining tools.
Keyword Popularity Tool Search Overture & WordTrackers database - Mines these terms with dictionary, thesaurus etc.Most Improved Tool
Free Keyword Search Tool Displays keyword data using Wordtracker and Google search results.
Google Suggest Google keyword completions when searching.
Search Term Research Searches Overture data for 16 countries and more.
Keyword Research Tool Tool returns similar keywords found in the meta keywords of sites searched by your choice of 9 search engines.
Search Term Suggestion Tool Shows keywords and frequency searched on Overture (Yahoo/MSN) last month.
Keyword Suggestion Tool Keyword searches from Overture and Wordtracker (Wordtracker displays singular/plural & correct order).
Keyword Generator Keyword searches from Espotting Media's (UK) PPC database.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool Keyword tool from Google that provides Specific and Similar keywords.
Google Keyword Suggestions Queries Google for related relevant and popular terms.
Website Keyword Suggestions Provides keyword suggestions along and keyword traffic estimates for the entered website.
Keyword Tool Online keyword suggestion, aggregating over 1 billion unique keywords and hundreds of millions of related terms from diverse sources.New
Niche Finder Online tool that returns structured keyword suggestions rather than a disorganized list.New
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