Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local and Regional Search Engine Indexing

Local and regional search engine indexing
local-search engine indexing

Local search engine indexing is increasingly important for the  business. It is therefore important to include local search engine optimization (local SEO) to apply. This ensures that your website gets a high position in local search. In this article I will explain some techniques with which these high search engine position can be achieved. The first is the specification of local terms. Subsequently, these terms are properly implemented on the website and backlinks. Furthermore, the so-called business directories important for you to be found locally. Finally, the new location-based social networking interesting to pay attention to it.

Local search keywords
Local Search Keywords Research
Firstly, important for targeting select a region. This does not need to be global, as well as not to be specific. For air conditioner called "True Acecel 'For example' Rotterdam 'are too broad, and Orange Area" too limited. This can be better for the district 'california' go. The proper keywords are ' air conditioner california' california air conditioner 'and' air conditioner repair california. The determination of the region depends mainly from what industry you operate.

Website & Backlinks
Then the selected keywords in specific places in the website are processed. Examples include URLs, page titles, meta tags and content text. For the latter, the rule of thumb up to 4 percent keyword density used.

It is also important to so-called "backlinks" get with selected local keywords in the anchor text mentioned. A backlink is a link to your site from another website. Utilize the local small websites for this. This helps your SEO or not directly, but represents valuable local traffic.

Business Directory
local google place
The well-known business directories still score high in the local search results. If someone is looking for a air conditioner shop in united states, will, or often occur between the first five results. A special version is Google Places. This is the official directory of Google, and statements herein are free.

Also make heavy use of all the new features that these websites provide. Examples include reviews, coupons, events, and videos. These resources ensure that you as a company stands, and stands out among the masses. above is a picture of a smart company that responds to the Google Places listing with off-line promotional tools.

local seo

Location based social networking
A relatively new but rapidly emerging phenomenon are location based social networks. Since Google will attach more value to social outcomes, it is important to be here as a company in play.  . A united states player who is soon to begin .  it himself to work, and encourage your customers to use these services. That gives you valuable free local promotion.

Local search results
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