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What and Why Website Optimization

What and Why Website Optimization

Different description of the concept of website optimization on the Internet , there is no standard definition of this term. Site to optimize our often is said that the site SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) abbreviation, roughly speaking that is coherent factors of your website design, labels, etc., to swap to the satisfaction indicators set by the search engine appropriate search engine search to reach the target site ranking. So as to corporate website from the search engines to get more traffic and more potential customers. Severe meaning in terms of search engine optimization is not all website optimization, a local site optimization, site optimization also includes the user's adjournment, the conversion rate, customer action analysis related to many factors, site design fit W3C-scale, site how the speed of the visit.

Why website optimization?

Website Optimization Process

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the need for an online marketing solution plan, and in fact, SEO is not a critical and central part of the online marketing strategy, he has demonstrated several situation:

1. more than 80% of visits originated from search engines,

(2) at home and have a lot of business from the search engines to find shortcuts

(3). optimization can ensure that the ranking for a long time and Google PPC (pay-per-click),

4 impact areas, a good optimization will also lose a good ranking in most search engines.

(5) cost: more than PPC advertising cheap.

According to statistics, there are 500 companies in more than 90% of sites are taken up for Website Optimizer technology

are you waiting for relaxation move

We all know that the external links, Links to improve your site optimization ranking. However, some not authentic SEO of in the pursuit of outside the chain of difficult mental state. Thus prompted to pay attention to increase the Link is: the application of good people turn the friendship connection to do black chain black links by search engines as black hat seo.

 If your site with the black hat friendship links, it is a symbol of your site will soon be down the right and scroll through the Links placed many, many links on a web page, so even if the right of re-sharing is also trivial to you. Otherwise, your site may be punished. The other is secretly remove your link in the Links for some time, so you become a one-way link, this is not the behavior of the tunnel. Will be despised by the world website ranking the causes of a website copy large amounts of content . site content contains vulgar, the discord of the disabled and the law. take the initiative to jump page, may be abandoned by Google.

Unified page, there are a lot spam links the site's content with the page title does not match . website optimization moderate, is able to optimize the premises are optimized .

7 application delivery system, a large number of announced the results of convergence . all description, key words, topics are the same . Keyword over the domain name. Site often have structure, title, and the crux of the word, describe a large modification .

11, the server is unstable often nature does when the machine .

12, the site was put into the desire of ill, code .

13. often exchange server the ip .

14. search engine algorithms change .

15. Links down the right site.

16. be used by hackers to attack the invisible into the garbage connection .

17. website

18. Keywords density through low or too high .

19. domain parking, the contents of a large number of repeated .

20. too far to use heading tags .

21 page requests registered or the page is password maintenance .

22. site uses frames, Ajax Technology new station is very low weight often a new station Google optimization of the seven pay attention to matters for reference:

Why Website Optimization

1. The website content will not contain bad vocabulary for the authority of the new station, Google see a killing one. Usually do not look down a few of those few humble words, with bad shielding, do not think information portals broke the rule a few words, nothing to do, your site is far worse to be compared with them.

2. The others articles do not rampant reproduced if the site of all articles are reproduced hundreds of thousands of times by Google, for the engine, the existence of this site basically does not make sense. Of course, your Web site outside the chain of quality, weight, are also high, even plagiarism of content, can also link to a harmonious.

3, do not blindly optimize popular keywords the site was built to break did not take long, at first just contains a large number of fever gate information flow through the Hot Words for such traffic, or to quickly, but did not last long, easy to cause at first site is a little drop the right, or shielding.

4, the site host or the space to stabilize the solid to prevent the use of the host space being punished in order to avoid not included, or that suddenly the space shut down for a long time to adjust, causing the engine to delete fruitless page, the site initially filed as soon as possible, so that by failing to record engine the end of the space.

Do not often revised often website will do the game class station, one will make the industry stand. Google, this site has been I do not know the direction, therefore the authority of a very small, easy to neglect, Shielding.

6, do not blindly do link to some site in the beginning to establish a link of friendship, only to seek other sites, Google's pr value, and neglected site is Google the shield, the new station to chain by Google blocked site, it is easy Google shield, there is at first site when there is no prestige, to express a number of articles, or to link some of the other site, Bing does not what , but you remember, you do Google optimization.

Compliance with industry rules easy to offend others, and avoid enemies retaliation, the use of a bad wrist, so that site was blocked.

SEO experience understand the site ranked no traffic cause analysis?

Website Optimization

This question has been answered a few back, I issued an article stressed under. Also proposed to consider the following reasons:

1 keywords themselves to retrieve a small amount with difficult words: If you are the choice of target keywords their search is very small.

2, keyword ranking does not front the individual user is more concerned about the location of the site is at the top of the front site was likely to click will be much higher than the back, and this is what we do seo purposes. Our keyword optimization to a position far forward as possible. If you row in section 7, 8, 9, contrived click the probability is relatively low.

3, the title is not attractive title of the page title optimization is a key part of that we say to optimize the one hand, the search engine gives high weight of this label, on the other hand is, as appropriate, to the title tag is displayed in the search list, will highlight the theme of our website, so we have to as much as possible so that it could attract the visitor's eye, click on our website.

4.Describing not suck catches the description meta tag optimization should also note that, although not on the ranking of large, but will still be displayed in the search list, is also rough on our website, a first volume, if you do not attractive, but most likely will not click, missed a lot of traffic.

5 Key words only get the ranking of a region.
Google's ranking of regional factors on the inside, the remaining regions the user is searching not before - a website to optimize the analysis of a very major one work, including data analysis, keyword analysis, competitor analysis and so on. A good SEO strategy needs to establish the number of effective data analysis, basically, so that the talent enough to completely balance all SEO names.

My site rankings why not go?

Why I added a new page search engine is not included?

My website ranking why out?

Many of these issues, for SEO, the staff responsible for search engine optimization for the site to do a full diagnosis, analysis, and perhaps the skill to find the department where the problem lies. SEO project as a whole, the site analysis can be said to be everywhere.

The keyword long tail of keyword analysis practice strategy: do keyword analysis, our aim is to find the competition is not fierce, but valuable keywords. When conducting keyword analysis of the site deleted posts, we usually need to think about the keywords will not be too popular keywords is in compliance with the user's search habits, more user-blowing combination of keywords with which the text.

2 when you conclude a keyword, then do certainly want measures Keywords at least upgrade to the search engine ranking analysis of the top 10. Then we shall have to top 10 website.

For example: The weight of each site how? Analysis of the first page of 10 search results page?

(3) content analysis of what kind of hobbies by the user, what kind of content may lead to more traffic, what kind of content may lead to higher benefits? The same is need to analyze the contents of the addition, we also need to analyze competitors strategy.

Search engine - search engine optimization promotion is the representation of the major search engines, do not search engine optimization becomes  Bing optimization, Yahoo optimization. SEO strategy for a search engine, which is not conducive to the long development of the site.

Last: a victory SEO must understand this way, you will be able to find new and easier ways to optimize your website, which will help improve your customer base, the progress of your site's traffic. Search engine optimization analysis can allow the site to expand the impact of growth in link, users move to the potential users through search engines to find my site.

based search engine optimization technique is to create a user-friendly search engine to index the website could allow the site search engine smoothly climb to take a page, some HTML code inside the program, did not identify the crawl can. For example, some of the site's images, JS, Frame, there is no complete judgment of the information included in these files. Therefore, the analogy, complex code, spiders read up hard even more.

Therefore, when planning a site, the programmers to develop web application, our initiatives need to pay attention to the following number of issues:

one, the whole station of the link code any of the links, the best based on the HTML link code to achieve. Do not pass into the program hacking SEO, like JS to pass the link, the search engine spiders can not read this link code.

Second, focus on the handling of text content for some key information on the page, in order to facilitate data updates, the site administrator for these information package or nested disposal. SEO point of view, is a major fault. The disadvantages of doing so is that search engine spiders will be helpless crawling web pages, text and page does not comment content, is an empty page. This page within the entire station, entrenched must be the proportion of the case, may lead to the punishment of the search engine, for example: content similar degrees too high.

Third, the need to pay attention to the details of the links and pages of information, is the most important details.The entire site consists of an internal links and a picture page link is the Web interconnected bridge. If search engines can not crawl to the link, for example, pages within the site as a whole is isolated. The contents of each page is the site value of the expression.

The search engines can not smooth the index information, you can not read information on the site, natural and natural will gradually decline in the frequency of site index. So the internal links to do interactivity, smooth crawl in order to allow search engines to update frequently
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