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Linked in Link Building Strategies

 Linked in Link Building Strategies

LinkedIn is a social network that is mainly used as a business tool. Because you LinkedIn for a large section itself can complete, it is an ideal tool for link building 2.0 . In this article a brief but useful tip how LinkedIn can use for link building. Why is link building important order to score well in search engines you should take into account three components: text, indexing and popularity.

Text has everything to do with the keywords you used in the text elements of your website. Indexation is a more technical explanation, but it is important to your site 'open' position for search engines. Both the text element as the indexation element are things you can hold in your own hands.

The popularity of your website is harder in their own hand. This is the extent to which other sites link to your site.
You are so dependent on other sites. With the rise of social media such as Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn, there are still a number of doors opened again.
Linkedin Link Building
You simply can actively participate in these sites and thus ensure good links to your own website.

Good links from LinkedIn to your own website if you have a profile on LinkedIn, you can use this to some good links to your own website (s ) to create.

On your profile page you can get a number of web sites. The downside of the display of these websites is that they appear.

Where do I start?

Click on the Accounts & Settings link after you login. This is located at the top of the page. The rest is self

how to optimize Linkedin for link Building

1. My Profile Photo
A picture is worth 1000 words. For optimum quality, Also you can make an image or 80 by 80 pixels and upload them.

2. Public Profile Ι
By default, every profile is a Meaningless Assigned URL (eg www.linkedin/in/g7bs8733). The letter and number mush at the end to change a personal URL and Recognizable created. My preference is to use first and last name.

3. Public Profile ΙΙ
Further More, you can click on Pubic Profile page Indicating what information is visible in your public profile. Visitors who do not belong to your immediate network see your profile page this way.

4. Contact Settings
Under the heading Opportunity preferences you an indicate how you use the network. If you do not want to be contacted by recruiters, you can an indicate this here. Let the parts and career opportunities job inquiries empty.

5. Questions and Answers
It is interesting to select Yes, show Q & A from my 1st and 2nd degree network checkbox. This will make you informed of all questions and answers That your connections to ask and answer in the Answers section.

6. Email Addresses
It is Possible to add multiple addresses to an account. This makes it Easier for acquaintances to someone as a link to add. It Should be a primary email address specified. Make sure this address is no business! Should you unexpectedly no longer have access to your business email then you can not react to your profile page if you want to change.

7. Profile views
Here you can Increase the visibility of your surfing tracks. Within LinkedIn Because You can see who's viewed your profile. Ask yourself the following question: "How much personal information, the owner of a profile page of mine visited me know?"

8. Additional info
After opening the Profile page you can see the contents of your profile. The ability to add websites from search engine optimization point of view may be interesting. On the blog or Website - the link building expert - this is exactly how you Described approach.

9. Interests
Under the heading Interests can fill all your interests. If people within-LinkedIn search in one of your interests, you Appear in search results. Consider powerful Therefore what keywords will be overused When users are looking for expertise That You sacrifice!

10. Personal branding
Use your personal LinkedIn URL on blogs, forums and other social networks like Facebook. And process your personal URL in your LinkedIn or sign email footer

Linkedin profile for backlinks

LinkedIn profile to get higher in Google Search

To get higher in Google in Google's search results is "link building" an important element. According to the SEO gurus counts for about 50% towards your final position on the results page of Google. that can change your Linkedin profile to a good incoming link to obtain.

How Link Building
Like many other websites link to your website for Google then this is an indication that the website then refers itself an important site. A referral from site A to B, can be seen as a voting site from A to B. It is important that the referring site itself is a major site and preferably a similar theme as the site and then referenced.

The LinkedIn network
LinkedIn is a so-called Social Network site where professional networks built and maintained. By creating your own profile (education, work experience etc.) you can use the 'connections' of your 'connections' quickly build a professional network

Use LinkedIn for Link Building
LinkedIn has a pagerank of 8 (= 8 on a scale of 10). This is very high. Outgoing links on LinkedIn referring to your site count so good abilities to increase your pagerank!

How do we do?
Within your LinkedIn profile, you can specify up to 3 websites, eg My Company, My Website etc. The text image is My Company and underneath is the link to the URL. For a better result, it is important that the text which the link is also relevant, namely contains a keyword. This is the so-called Anchor Text. From My Company or My Web Google can not retrieve relevant information. Determine So the most important keywords for your site and use it as in this example.

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn profile

  • Step 2: Select the Edit option at sites
  • Step 3: Choose the option "Other" (last choice)
  • Step 4: Fill in website1 in the 1st field in the title: " your keyword
  • Step 5: Fill in website1 in the 2nd field in the URL: "
  • Step 6: Fill in website2 in the 1st field in the title: " your second keyword
  • Step 7: Fill in website2 in the 2nd field in the URL: "
  • Step 8: Fill in website3 in the 1st field in the title: " your third keyword
  • Step 9: Fill in website3 in the 2nd field in the URL: "
  • Step 10: Click "Save changes"


    Linkedin Profile for link Building

    Such a link has no good anchor text. A good anchor text contains keywords you want to score in Google. How can you link this to make a good anchor text? It's very simple. Proceed as follows:

    Click 'Edit' behind the link
    From the dropdown box for "Other"
    Give the link and anchor text, eg 'Marketing Portal, free tips'
    Click 'Save changes'. The link will appear with the given anchor text. Good thing right?

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