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Direct Link Exchange / Direct Link Building

Direct Link Exchange

The link exchange

Exchanging links is nothing recent since it is one of the Earliest forms of linking are "artificial" and Used by webmasters to gain visibility, aim Nowadays this practice to the coast a bit lost.

For proof, one quick turn on the generator adwords Does That tells us Three expressions associated (singular and plural alike) Whose monthly searches are superior to 100:

link exchange (s): Normal, After All this is the theme of the Article

link exchange (s) automatically: As bad exchanges, and in general, and II do not talk about it.

link exchange (s) hard: Obviously it's better!

A reciprocal link is a bad link

Heresy! Do I want to scream. Reciprocity is only One of many factoring Determining the quality of a link, and if It Will Respect ED Others are ultimately little weight.

So I'll say it again, a reciprocal link is not a bad link. It Can Be very beneficial for your SEO for your visitors AND Provided You Do not Do That To The slob!

Whom to select site with exchange

Before Accepting or Refusing a partner site, you must ask the Following Questions:

The theme of the site is it close to you?

Is it adequately Addressed by Google? Number of indexed pages, links, etc.. ..

Is he alive or dead? An active site is always a plus.

What your visitors think? If It Is Useful to Them is a bonus if it's bad scares ET!

I do not want a reciprocal link? The race, you're wrong home.

We must Illustrious .. Be it may aim too cliche!

The different kinds of exchanges, and

Direct Link Building Tips

Footer link:

Exchanging links in footer is one of the Most popular and in my opinion not the best Because It Is Almost Exclusively for research tools. A travel site with 2000 pages Offering a footer link "sports shoe" is annually invited to Google so That It Keeps An Eye on the site.

I therefore recommend limited use to a minimum icts, for my part I reserve the use of the footer link to only the home page of my site Limiting myself Some links (5 to 10 at the most). Numerous latter; Certainly less, but no more weight gain Than if the rest of my site is not a link farm.

The partner page:

I Will not dwell on the subject since I Have Already published annually Article: Successful partner page, view it is a well-targeted Possibility That Could Be interesting.

The BlogRoll:

Mainly Used on blogs, it is best to have footer link Clearly visible by the user and not reserved to the motors. Again if the websites are Chosen with relevance, and your readers Google Will Have No Reason For You blame.

Link Building

The promotional item:

Obviously the best choice, purpose also One That Requires The Most time. Create a page dedicated to your partner with a presentation of ict website and include it Which You Can Directly Some links in the text, seamlessly.

If your partner Does the same, more links and optimized gain additional visibility You Will in search engines and it Will Be a positive factor for online reputation!

Triangular link exchanges, and:

Although They Are Little More Than Difficult to detect reciprocal links for year algorithm like Google, They Have the advantage of linking additional year site and are therefore additional year contribution of popularity. Use The Same technology as for a reciprocal link!

3 golden rules:

Finally it is not so difficulty to Achieve a quality link exchange, Simply Follow These Three rules:

Emphasize Quality: In your choice of partners as in how to set up your links

Useful link: If Google is Intended for and not Internet users, your trade Will Be Bad.

Limit yourself: Do not plumb Creating your own website by 50 external links per page.

Link Exchange

Link Building Tips:

Link Building is a job that many people look up to. Link Building is however necessary to improve your position in the results.Om help you we have compiled a list of 30 very useful link building tips. Of course there are many other ways, but this list will do well on the way to go help.

We will start with the 'on page' factors. Many people forget that this is an important part of link building is here and that you can gain huge profit. An additional advantage is that you have little work there anymore once it looks good.

On page link building tips

1 . Try to ensure that your website confidence. People do not link to a website that they think that if the author can not be trusted. Namely their own image is at stake. Try to give information about your business, certification to show your portfolio and reviews. The more you show that other people appreciate your website, the more they do this myself. For link building is so very essential.

2 . Try all text on your website easy to understand language to write. It is not the purpose of your website to your vocabulary to brag. No, you just wish that they easily understand. If they can, they will also be much more inclined to spread the word / link.

3. Start a blog. Regularly try to register. Choose a fixed day and write a fascinating article. That way your visitors know where they stand and they will return weekly. These regular visitors will be more inclined to share your article with their acquaintances, friends or visitors to their websites. With good content makes you sure that other people link building for your site care.

4. Give your visitors the ability to link to your website. Make sure you have your website visitors can post on the popular social media platforms. There are several scripts on the internet to find that social media into your website. In combination with the quality articles you write every week, this will provide you links to go deliver!

5. Link to others. This is a very good way to become known. Someone will notice that you link to their website, such as Google analytics . Many people will appreciate this if the article where they are listed, of course, positive and fun. Not everyone will find a link, but it will certainly impact in your link building campaign.

6. Provide resources and tools on your topic. Try to offer something which is useful to your visitors. How about a BMI meter or a mortgage calculator script? People like useful things to share with the world.

7. Start a list of tips, as we have written this list. People find these lists very useful and this will certainly reward. You can also choose to make a list of useful websites on your topic! As I said earlier, you can sometimes expect a link back.

8. Start a forum or community. This way your users to produce content for you. You'll be better found and you will surely get a lot of links for your link building campaign.

9. Provide surprise. Try to get an interesting new fact or an article in which something is exposed. People love to read something different than normal.

10. Invite your visitors to subscribe! Many people find it fun to write a blog. In this way, because they themselves deserve a link to their site. Bet those on his own website stated that he also writes a blog on you?! This way you get new content and a good boost for your link building campaign.

Off page Link Building Tips

11. exchange links with relevant partners. Many people think that this is now no longer makes sense, but the opposite is true! If you link exchanges with quality partners with relevance, it is certainly useful. Many people also have other domains from which management can be linked and this is a lot better than a reprocial link building - link exchange.

12. Try to get links from important pages. If this fails, you can also try to write an article containing your link. If that also fails, and you have only the choice to a "partner page" to stand, it is wise that you not on a page with 1000 links other afterwards. See if that page is worth it to stand. Otherwise, no deal!

13. Participate in community programs and forums. Of course it is desirable that this same subject and target as your own site. This can lead to more visitors, increased credibility and thus more likely to have left! You can also add a link in the caption / signature. Caution: Do not spam posts. This will certainly not going to help in getting good results in a link building campaign.

14. Use platforms to bookmark your posts to promote. Web sites like and are good for your link to maintain good flow. A useful website to your site to bookmark is , here you can bookmark your site very easy to bookmark various services.
Direct Link Building
15. Add your articles to news sites. Try, however, a good article to write, without commercial approach. Otherwise it will not be admitted.

16. See if there are people in your area that has to be able to link to your website. You acquaintances, for example? You can look at local newspapers, your supplier, the neighbors .. Many forget to do this often, but once you're at it, you'll quickly see the possibilities for your link building campaign.

17. use social media like Facebook , Twitter and Myspace to your left to put down. Create a business page and make sure you place a link on here. Good to get more visitors, but certainly to the search results!

18. Create a promotional video and post on Youtube and other movie sharing platforms. Links that you put under your movies (description) are no-follow and many other possibilities too. However, you can click on your 'channel' page, or a do-follow link sites.

19. write texts and articles and post them on the larger Article Directories. Try it on qualitative platforms to do and not as much as possible. Quality over quantity is always in a well established link building campaign.

20. leave behind on reviews websites. Have you purchased a product or service and you will see that the website administrator uses so-called testimonials, it is wise to also have 1 in places. In exchange for the effort, you placed a link under your comment. A win / win situation, I guess!

21. Write a press release. Try, however, as objective and newsworthy as possible. If you are not a skilled writer, it is wise to outsource. Collect as many interesting media, journalists and blogs and send it by press release. Do not let it happen if it is sent automatically. The more personal you an email directed to one person, the more likely the chance that they'll actually press release seriously.

22. Make sure your website is included in the major Internet directories such as DMOZ. Do not try your link in the many thousands of useless web directories to places that are of poor quality. Only directories with high PageRank are interesting to use regarding link building.

23. Buy useful links to relevant websites. Do not buy junk, such as spam or links to sites of poor quality. Try looking at places that sell private providers on websites like. Look at the quality and relevance!

24. Make your articles in PDF or PowerPoint presentations and post them on document sharing websites such as: . Do not forget your links in your articles to us!

25. Create your own software and post it on the hundreds of software sharing websites.

26. Put on guest writing! Here you write articles on a blog of someone else. Try to write helpful articles on various blogs. Trade you will get a link to the author information. Very good link building tip to relevant and quality links to get.

27 . Ask your friends / acquaintances or while they surf the internet like to place a link for you. They will not mind it!

28. Try to arrange an interview with a person who is widely known in your target audience. Not only do people find this interesting and will be linking to them here, but also for the interviewee is something to be proud of. He will link maybe even on his / her website.

29. If you have a shop or sell products online, it is advisable to have an affiliate program to set up. It makes for more sales and of course can be an essential marketing tool to be considered, but you will also begin to generate many backlinks.

Link Building Process

30. Last but not least: Outsourcing Link Building! Did you post these tips do not feel a link building campaign to establish itself, we can always help you, of course.

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