Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to SEO of a site with little text

How to SEO of a site with little text

In an official video, Google provides some tips for sites with very little text content, such as those with mainly photos or Flash.

For this video, you will be deprived of Matt Cutts, a Googler named replaced by Tiffany Oberoi. It changes us from Matt, right? The problem is that it asks questions of itself and responds by saying "Tiffany, to solve this problem, you can do this (etc.)". Strange is not it?

 His first advice concerns the optimization of images, the robot can not understand Google. Do NOT follow ESPECIALLY its ​​first board which is to focus on the image file name. If you manage your images one by one, why not name them all correctly with keywords. But if you get lots of pictures (eg a digital camera) and you must publish them on your site, do not waste your time especially not rename files! I knew that there are training agencies SEO who advise that, even if it takes several days to rename (it's live). There are 100 times better to do: work the context of the image.

 Regarding Flash, Google recommends to use it to "decorate" but not for site content. This is a great recommendation! Even if Google knows index the Flash , it's always better to avoid having the content in Flash. As Tiffany says "Some phones may not manage Flash", one wonders how she refers smartphone? More details in my SEO tutorial of Flash . Well, in the end we learned nothing but Tiffany had his answer: it is essential not?

Hopefully we will learn something next time! It finally arrives, here's the video:

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