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Press Release Submission

Press Release Submission

Intro : What is Press Release Submission and how Press Release Submission help webmasters to drive free traffic ?

Press releases are probably the most widely used tool of public relations and the crucial link between information providers and information recyclers. Succeeds with a publication to draw attention to an editorial, so it often causes a desired editorial article in a newspaper, on television or the radio. Here are press releases for journalists first of all merely suggestions to adopt a theme editorial. That is, the more professional a press release is written, the greater the chance of a journalistic publication.

What is Press Release ? A press release is a written notice of a company, institution or person to the media, primarily for journalists. The editor of a press release this would normally try to get attention for a specific new fact or a particular position. Because press releases via internet nowadays often available to everyone, they are increasingly read by other interested parties.

Press releases are inherently subjective and should be viewed with healthy suspicion. The publisher of a press release would have an interest in a press release expressed new fact or opinion. Press releases are intended for journalists to provide, through an adversarial process, check and double check, trustworthy accounts of it, and should not be confused with editorial articles.

That a press release must contain news is obvious but unfortunately, many press releases issued that do not meet this criterion. If a press release without news proves itself a disservice: the next time a message from the same sender more quickly to the trash to be ordered even if the message or newsworthy.

Press Release

In a press release, please share information about your business. You communicate your message to the editors and give your message an official character. They want that the journalist is interested. In practice this means:
how to write press release

The journalist must recognize immediately who the sender of the text. Write your text to the editor exclusively on a press sheet, which should be an integral part of your office equipment. A press sheet is printed with your logo, your corporate data
- So the company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, web address, depending on the company form completed by legal form, registration number, registration court
- And the nominated entries of the PR manager. A bow press is distinguished by a special mark of your normal business letterhead, for example, a colored border line or scroll bar on the right side with the word "press release".
A press release begins with the word "press release". Highlight the word by writing it in bold or underline and provided with at least 14 point font size.
The release date and the current number in front of the Press headline on the right. Based on this information, the journalist knows how recent the message is. The current PM number, for example, 25/2008, allows the citation, and simplifies the filing.
The headline determines the success of your press release. Format the bold headline, and 16 point size. Emphasize your message on one line and add if necessary, a subline with additional information on the subject of, in 14 point.
Put it in the next five to six lines of your topic to the point. After the headline of this entry is achieved in your press release, the most important stage to get attention. Because this will determine whether the journalist gets out of the text or whether he continues reading.
Provide details topics for the next ten to twelve lines. The press center of the text should fan the beginning of the text beb√ľndelten information. Note, if the journalist edited your press release, he will cut under this paragraph.
Attach a summary or general corporate representation to the end. The last line of your press release contain no more new messages.
Provide a detailed Press on. So advise the journalist not long be who he may appeal for further information, write underlined "Press" and add your name, your function, your telephone extension number, fax number, e-mail address and phone number and refer you to another service such as photos and information graphics under the "Press" section of your website.
Press Release Format

Distribution of Press Releases

Generate and distribute press releases is a strategy that must accompany any marketing strategy and public relations for your company. By making the distribution of press releases over the internet your company gets several benefits:

Disseminate market its news, achievements and progress.
Put your news in major news sites on the Web.
Increase traffic to your site.
Support site optimization strategies being developed for SEO position on Google.

Submit Press Release
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