Sunday, April 1, 2012

Google Algorithms and Other Search Changes

Google Algorithms and other search changes

Google better and better. Such a picture can capture the big search engines from the media and may actually see in search results. You Should Be is always better and better.

Drastic Happens Nothing, however, the Google search engine Attempts to reach where we waited for him years ago.

The basic philosophy that i try and apply a mint on Their Web sites (not at all Saying That) lies in the quality of content. That I think once it Reaches Google and Its Users, Who use it to search the Internet, just send Will the quality sites with added value. The original content, and large, well built website, backed by a lot of hard work.

This helps Google PR. Through HIS articles, Which subsequently spread media tells the public That is Constantly working on it. "Do not overdo it with SEO, to not use PR to quality content sites, etc.."

Interesting changes:


Panda is a fighter against PR sites publish duplicate content That riddled with references. Allegedly for the reduction of PageRank These sites and of course should limit Their occurrence in the results.

Semantic results

Google Will try to answer questions, predict the correct Interpretation of the search term, Either the result or it considers proper. In the coming weeks we should wait and intelligence That Even The Wrong Questions That Provide results actually look.

Onerous ads

The struggle against advertising aroused embarrassment. Google Announced That it Will That penalized sites have at the top of a disproportionate Amount of advertising elements.

Fighting SEO
Rampant occurrence of keywords (SEO Called texts) and other SEO techniques That should not have Any search engine like a long time. Reduce the quality of content and allow the winning results page sites That Do not Deserve It.

Fight against over-and amateur SEO Will say more of the news That Google is preparing for us.

And what happens?

In the past Google has made changes in the ITS Several algorithms. It is a constant struggle, as he fights the underworld with the law. Criminals always come up with inventive new Ways To Achieve Their goals and are still one step ahead of police.

Moreover, the projection of Google, quite logically, hindered by the Lack of content That Would like to offer. While it Solves the first positions on Wikipedia, because the majority of the visitors to disappoint, but there Were Also no indications That Would he inform Google what content is missing on the Internet.

It had it with the arrival of the pandas. Google Would work with big media and Them Supplied with information about what people are looking for, but what They can offer Because it has been written. Similar Arrangements Creators of MFA, the difference being only in the fact That Would Be this money from the media and Google Would earn double. He got paid for the tips on content and it is the server Likely That Would Cooperating sites with AdSense ads appear. The content of the Internet are subject to the next article.

One can hardly predict how far artificial intelligence machines can go and what to expect in the future. I can not predict it. All changes in Google algorithms but I already skeptical. It Seems To Me That I can see the results of the MFA as well as years ago, and That the lower number is the result of eliminating poor quality content, but Rather the result of constant pressure on Their PR (Potential) authors.
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