Sunday, March 11, 2012

Google Business centre submissions

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If you have a physical business location, you use Google maps and local results can be seen. When people look for your business, you can see them first! How many customers or clients that may mean for you? root is at the top of search results.

Let's be real here, the average person, only the top 3 to 5 sites in the search results page looks, right?This is what you need: a computer. A Google account. A physical address. A need for more customers is. perseverance. patient. desire to be # 1.

 Google Business centre

1. Google maps search giant Google offers a search feature. There are other search engines like Yahoo, but Google really find mixed in. Think of 2.0.1 as Google maps technology. What you need to understand that maps all search results in a different order is displayed.

2. The second **, display the map will show local results. ** This is where you come in. It's like you are doing business in the same geographic area. To add to the mix, the results are shown in relation to the local town center. closer you are to the city center, the higher will display your business. Remember "Location, Location, Location!" like spokes of a wheel radiate from the city center results.

3. By relative, I mean that if you are a DJ business, so here's all organic DJ will pop up on the bottom.

4. Let's begin. First, you need a Google account. Sign up and come back. I waited cuz I would not go anywhere.

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google places submission

google places submission form
google places submission prosess

5. There you are! I was worried! right. Log in to your account and add "new listing" button to look for. Once you hit the button, the system will guide you through the details. Address, business name and so on all the basic stuff.

6. Make sure all information is correct and the "Add Your Listing" button, click mark. Now we see the power of technology. Google now going to verify your identity. They do this in two ways. A call or a postcard. I always used to call it the fast way.

7. If you select a phone call, they will call the number you entered in the list. You call them) so choose, or 2 5 minutes). Select what you want and Google will display a PIN number. When a call comes in, follow the prompts and enter PIN. Make sure you do it correctly!

8. If you choose to verify by postcard, it takes three weeks to get used to. Three weeks to get all the clients you can imagine the card arrives, it will have spaces for a PIN code. It has been that when you sign up, so I hope you saved it! Write and send cards back to Google. they get it, it will be verified and open their listings. You will be immediately visible.

9. If you ever need to edit any of the information, you must verify your identity each time. You do not get it to steal your identity stolen or your listing is for sure. That phone call I have to say. It's fast and easy.

10: Add some good old fashioned SEO to be on top of generic results. Also a good idea to open an AdSense account. The results for the three of you command your listing!

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