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Blog Comment Posting

Blog Comment Posting

One of the main conditions for a findable website is the number of links to the site. The more 'votes', how popular the site and the higher it appears in Google. Does a comment on a blog as a backlink?

Anyone with a good blog has visited hundreds of useless responses from people just looking for a quick link. There are many new versions of blog platforms out there quite manage to evade the spammers.

If all of these useless comments take into consideration you can not imagine yourself that it is possible to backlinks to get through blog comments. It is still possible, but you should be fine tackle. Instead of passively comment on the blog of someone else, it is advisable to work on a relationship with the blogger on the other side.

After time expires, this is valuable because the blogger can see that you actually shows interest in his or her blog posts and that you take the trouble to post a comment. This can result in a link to your site, but also to a new blog post referring to your website.
There are five key ways to get backlinks by responding to blogs. Below you will find all five ways, including a brief explanation.
Provides you comment on a blog, make sure you read the whole message
, it is perhaps difficult to imagine, but many comments on blogs from people who are not in the message have completely read. The comments that are placed, have little if anything to do with the post itself. Have a substantial addition or can offer an interesting question can ask after you have read the entire blog post.

Not as a blog spammer happen

dont post spam

To the blogger to let them know that you're the one who always puts reactions, it is important to leave your name. Moreover, you distinguish yourself from spammers too, because they often do not mention their names.
It is a good way to leave a comment starting with 'good blog'. If it is, however, it remains at, it is a value-free reaction. Make sure you have something of value to the blog. For example, let your vision of the blog know. Or specify where you critical of. Do you think the blogger missed something, please let us know. Make sure your comment is about professional and polite.

To gain the trust of the blogger to win, it is advisable to personal and friendly in your responses. Speak to the blogger and his or her name and place your response in a normal tone in general civilized.

Come back to the blog

It is not enough to post a comment and then not come back on the blog. Please come back regularly placed on the blog and a reaction whenever you deem necessary. Consistent visits and comments show that you really are interested.
It takes some time for this kind of backlinks to get through a blog, but it is certainly an effective way to get backlinks.

Blog comment

By posting comments on the blogs of your "competitors" create backlinks. With each response creating a new backlink, so it is perhaps a good idea to spend some time on blogs to your "competitors". Also, when posting comments on blogs is in your best interest to add value to the conversation. This not only lets you see that you know what you're talking about, but you can also attract the attention of the visitors already on the blog of your "competitors" are. Like the forums, two birds with one stone.

The "competitors" are not the competitors, but once you learn still.

On forums and blogs and you can often respond to the article. In the reaction field can usually be your name, email and website address. Your name contains a link to your site, and this seems a smart way to much (back) left to collect. Seems, because in most cases, Google counts the links not count. This has everything to do with the no-follow principle.

Blog rank grow

Left on his blog often nofollow

Webmasters can automatically outgoing links with a nofollow attribute. They say search engines so that they are not responsible for the content of the linked pages, and that they therefore ignore. Google PageRank bears no result on to the linked page and does nothing with the anchor text .

But why should you not respond to forums and blogs? Absolutely not, because people may still click on the link and in this way do you have for extra visitors. For your position in Google has no effect.

Tip! DoFollow backlinks out

In the source code of a webpasgina you can often see or do or outbound links are nofollow. It works as follows:

Press Ctrl + U (source)
Press Ctrl + F (Search)
Search for the word "nofollow"
Do you see the word, with an outgoing link then you know that Google does not follow him. , The word is not, then this is not the case. Links so!

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