Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Group Creation and Management on Google Groups and Yahoo Groups

Group Creation and Management on Google Groups and Yahoo Groups

Google Groups and Yahoo Groups not doing to much for rank high but they are doing well for increase website traffic because peoples join groups to get content on their email and send their contents too, if contents are good and interesting people sends those contents in their friend circle and also visit the content website to get more contents. this thing increase your website popularity so first thing is keep in your mind that is groups are really works.

the easy thing for this is join group of your interest.
remember you should join groups those have
1. larger number of member,
2. currently running and
3. give permission to send your contents to group members.

Group Creation and Management
Google Groups Homepage
go to Google Groups Home Page here

 yahoo groups homepage
go to Yahoo Groups Home Page here

Google and yahoo provide step by step guide to create your own group
but create group only when you have too much efforts to run it.
this is same like as creating a new website and running properly and continuously,
it means you need to much time and passions to invite peoples to join your group everyday to make your group popular.but when your group running you didnt need anything, in that time people work for you.
Google Groups and yahoo Groups

Work Hard
make a day by day ( weekly ) schedule of for your work.
like set two hours to creating your website content,
set half hour to directory submission,
set half hour to article directory submission,
set half hour to links submission,
set half hour to share your post to social media,
set half hour to posting your content to your group and the other thing you need to your website promotion.

 take time and take advantage of  google groups and yahoo groups. best of luck.

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