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Fresh SEO Opportunity

Stop Oversize SEO

Are you using the right keywords to optimize your website?
In many cases websites are optimized for the wrong SEO keywords. You need to do the research to find out what SEO keyword phrases people actually use to search for businesses in your particular field. In many cases you will discover that SEO keyword phrases that you thought were important are in fact rarely searched for; the opposite is also true.

How well does your website show up well in Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing?
You should test the effect of searching for your SEO keywords on a regular basis in all the major search engines. Your website position in the search engines will fluctuate and needs regular monitoring.

Fresh SEO Opportunity

Website Title - The single most important onsite SEO factor.
The web page title is very important. It should be relevant, the correct length and different on every page within the website. It is surprising how often we see inappropriate web page titles, no titles at all or a title that says something stupid like "HOME' or in the case of really lazy website designers 'TITLE GOES HERE'. Use a different title for each page within your website. Remember that search engines list pages, not websites, so each page is a fresh SEO opportunity.

Website Description.
Tell Google what your page is about. As with the web page title, in many cases the Description is missing or incorrectly used.

Website SEO Keywords.
While many search engines no longer use Keyword Meta tags, some still do, and they should accurately reflect page content, but you must be careful not to use too many of them.

Broken links will harm your SEO efforts.
This is the number one error that we find when auditing websites. You click on a link within the website and you see an error message telling you that the page cannot be found. This delivers a very unprofessional image to people visiting your website. It is likely that Google will also mark you down in the search engine rankings, as Google expects technically perfect websites. There is no excuse for broken links within a website. Broken image links are also a common error found within websites. Instead of a picture being displayed you will see a broken image logo. Again this is easily checked for by professional website designers and there is no reason for a website to have broken image links.

Picture only websites are disastrous for SEO.
Sometimes you will visit a website that appears to be displaying the usual mixture of text and pictures, but on closer inspection, even the text is actually contained within a picture. If there is no real text displayed within a website, Google has no clue what the website is about and the website will feature very poorly in the search engine results. There are ways to partly fix this, using what are called 'Alt' tags, used in combination with the website title and description, but as a rule your website should contain lots of relevant text. This is what Google likes!

No relevant SEO keywords in a page.
If your website content fails to mention your product or service, it is not surprising that your website ranks poorly within Google. There are lots of tricks relating to where you place your keywords on a page and that is what we excel at. Simply stuffing a page with keywords will not achieve the desired result, and may even hurt your listing within Google, as it may interpret too many keywords as an attempt to spam the search engine listings. Google takes a very dim view of attempts to spam it.

Number of back links
A very important SEO factor. Do you know how many other websites link to your website? Google does. The more links to your website, the better. Also the quality and source of the links is important to Google. If you suddenly gain hundreds of links overnight, this can trip the spam alert at the search engines and you can end up in a worse position within the search engines than before you started any SEO activities on your website.

Google Page Rank.
Do you know what your Google Page Rank number is? In fact do you know what the Google Page Rank means? Google rates all sites using hundreds of different criteria and comes up with a number for your website. 0 is bad while 10 is the highest value. The higher the Page Rank the more likely that your website will show up higher within the Google search engine results. Many websites we audit have a page rank of 0 or 1, which is not good! Install the Google toolbar to view your website's PageRank.

Alt tags.
Great for your website's SEO. Alt tags (short for Alternative tags) are a way of telling Google what a picture is about. As far as Google is concerned a picture is just a picture. Google does not know what a picture is about, unless you specifically tell Google using an Alt tag. It is amazing how few website designers go to the bother of using alt tags, which is a pity, as proper use of alt tags can have a big influence on your listing within the Google search engine results.

Ease of Navigation and menu issues.
Many websites are hard to navigate. This means that it may be difficult to move from page to page, or back to the home page. This is such an important aspect for your website visitors and it is a shame that we see so many poorly constructed menu systems. Google may also find it hard to navigate your website and categorize each webpage which can harm your SEO efforts.

Spell checking and grammatical issues.
It is vital that you check the spelling within your website. The correct use of grammar is also important. If your website is full of these types of errors, it gives a poor impression. Your company looks unprofessional. Correct spelling is also important for Google.

Flash and java issues.
If your website uses flash or java to enable website navigation, make sure that you use the technology carefully as you may find that some search engines are unable to follow the links and as a result will not list most of your website pages within their search engine listings.

Google Analytics.
This is a free tool from Google that allows you to analyze visitors to your website and track how they interact with your website. Has your website been enabled to show Google analytics data? If not you are missing out on a vital source of information about your website.

Heading tags.
Proper use of heading tags within your HTML code can play a vital role in onsite keyword SEO. Many websites we audit are completely devoid of any heading tags. Try and use 2 or 3 levels of headers.

Open Directory Project.
Did you know that a submission to the Open Directory Project is one of the most valuable links you can get in terms of your website's SEO? They reject most sites and only accept sites that are technically near perfect and contain high quality information, presented through a professionally designed interface that is easy to navigate.

How many pages of your website are indexed in Google?
Do you know how to see exactly how many pages that make up your website are listed within Google? You would expect Google to know about your home page, but the more pages within your website that Google knows about, the better. For example a large website promoted by us, has 10,300 pages listed within Google.

W3C validation.
W3C is an organization that sets website standards. Do you know if your website passes W3C validation?

File names.
The name of a file can be a valuable clue to Google, as to what the file contains. For instance if you have a picture of a motor car and the picture file is called 0001.JPG this does not tell Google anything. On the other hand if the file was called CARS-FOR-SALE-IN-PERTH.JPG, then this can help considerably with your website SEO. The same principle applies to the naming of all files and folders within your website.

PDF file size Issues.
If you use PDF files, there are many ways of reducing the size of the final PDF file. The larger the file size the slower the PDF file will load on the screen or download to a hard disk.

Do all the major search engines know about your website?
Remember that apart from Google there are a few other search engines that your website should be listed in, such as Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

Flash file sizes.
The larger the size of your flash file, the longer it will take to load. Many sites use flash banners that have enormous file sizes. This can be very frustrating for your visitors.

Google Places page.
This is a fantastic way of getting your website listed in the local service or products section within the Google results. The majority of websites do not use this feature at all and many of those that do use it do not take full advantage of the SEO opportunities afforded by the Google Places feature.

Flash or graphical intro pages.
How often have you visited a website to be greeted by a meter that tells you a flash introduction screen is loading, which often seem to take forever to load and once they do load actually display little relevant information. If you are lucky you can click on a 'skip intro' button. Do not use intro pages as they just annoy website visitors and can harm your website SEO.

Text used within links (anchor text).
The correct use of keyword text within a hyperlink can play a significant part in your on-page keyword SEO strategy. In many cases this SEO opportunity is wasted when the hyperlink contains words such as 'click here'.

Home page file size.
Do you know the combined file size of your home page? By combined, I mean not just the HTML page itself, but all the associated graphic, CSS and flash files. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely a visitor will click on the Back button and visit a different website.

Java issues.
If a visitor to your website has disabled Java in their local browser, how will this affect your website? Will the menu systems still work? If you must use Java, at least have an alternate menus system that visitors can use. Search engines may have difficulty following some types of Java based menu systems.

Do not use hidden text to try and trick the search engines.
Everyone knows that having keywords on your web page is important as far as SEO is concerned. A very old trick is to have lists of your keywords repeated over and over at the bottom of the page, formatted to display in white text on a white background. Google hates this type of spamming and is on the lookout for it. Far from improving your website's position with the Google Search Engines results, you could find that your website gets severely penalized by Google. Do not try spamming Google, they will find out!

Thanks - David S Murray

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Group Creation and Management on Google Groups and Yahoo Groups

Group Creation and Management on Google Groups and Yahoo Groups

Google Groups and Yahoo Groups not doing to much for rank high but they are doing well for increase website traffic because peoples join groups to get content on their email and send their contents too, if contents are good and interesting people sends those contents in their friend circle and also visit the content website to get more contents. this thing increase your website popularity so first thing is keep in your mind that is groups are really works.

the easy thing for this is join group of your interest.
remember you should join groups those have
1. larger number of member,
2. currently running and
3. give permission to send your contents to group members.

Group Creation and Management
Google Groups Homepage
go to Google Groups Home Page here

 yahoo groups homepage
go to Yahoo Groups Home Page here

Google and yahoo provide step by step guide to create your own group
but create group only when you have too much efforts to run it.
this is same like as creating a new website and running properly and continuously,
it means you need to much time and passions to invite peoples to join your group everyday to make your group popular.but when your group running you didnt need anything, in that time people work for you.
Google Groups and yahoo Groups

Work Hard
make a day by day ( weekly ) schedule of for your work.
like set two hours to creating your website content,
set half hour to directory submission,
set half hour to article directory submission,
set half hour to links submission,
set half hour to share your post to social media,
set half hour to posting your content to your group and the other thing you need to your website promotion.

 take time and take advantage of  google groups and yahoo groups. best of luck.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Online Reputation Management

How To Online Reputation Management

Prospective and current clients will often seek out a company's website by typing in the company or brand name into a search engine. Among the search results, including the company's official website and micro-sites, a searcher may also stumble on comments, reviews, articles, and press releases from other websites about the company. Some remarks may turn out to be negative, if not damaging.

Though the conjectures or rumours may be coming from a non-legitimate source; a disgruntled client, past employee, or just a prank, a business' reputation can there and then be put to question. This is where Online Reputation Management plays an important role in diverting harmful claims from easy public access..

It's no surprise that statements about a company or even a person's name can quickly pop up on a search engine's search results..

When a company receives nothing but praise, Online Reputation Management can be a beneficial solution to generating prime visibility for positive, integrity-building content. If it's there, flaunt it. An Online Reputation Management program ensures that those looking for information about a company will find only favourable content in related search results..

Online Reputation Management

Google is not just a search engine anymore. With the press releases on a Google employee information for prospective customers, in the future, about your business, Google's reputation became the engine.

The client's online reputation in that to help, I constantly received a question, whether it is possible to eliminate a negative result to be displayed on the first page of Google when you search on their names to do. They are, have been punished white Securities and Exchange Commission, has been ridiculed by white former employees, white paper is the investigation by local, There is only one purpose : from the first page that a negative result he take off!

Of course, it simply obliterate the negative results of Google, almost impossible - but we also argue that it could be bad SEO. Rather, the best way is to give a healthy diet of web content to the Google bot, but to give the positive side of that is your reputation.

Therefore, the best content on the web fill the first page of Google results trying to introduce here are the instructions for me to recommend.

Online Reputation

I think that is so simple? Unfortunately, you are not surprised by the large difference to individuals and companies that threw the web site without registering the domain name of your brand. Yourcompanyname.Com (. COM company name) or Yourpersonalname.Com (. COM personal name) that connect the web site to register a minimum, one of the top 10 will appear in Google when you search on his name is a reliable way to occupy.

If you like to write a blog, it will be a strong asset of reputation management arsenal. However, the great thing about blogs is that it tends to be the top view without giving the water analogy. Cactus of online content and blogs say. and are offering a free hosting and free blog together. Means you use your name in the title of the blog and articles - - posted an article a few, continue to narrow down the target in his own name, is aged for several days if you ask to add a link to some quickly, would be to get on the first page of Google.

If you made ​​efforts to be grown in your main web site, the next step is when you add the sub domain has come. Sub-domain is the best. Google is the main site to be considered separate from the sub-domain, where he become a brand that contains your main. Reason to add a subdomain, such as employment history and product information and company information, a lot.

TO CREATE A PROFILE OF FOUR. SOCIAL NETWORKING profile is easy to appear higher in the company name in the personal name. When you register, you can use your real name - Make sure that you enable the options you can select the URL of the profile, - useless to the reputation of Google and use the nickname. / companyname (company name) is, Myspace.Com/12345678 be much more effective than it is to.

If the social-networking profile that is displayed higher on Google, to become more significant if social networks of their own much less obvious. is, let us create a customized social network dedicated to you. Better yet, you can specify a domain name that he only have to pay just $ 5 a month.

MAKE A 6. BUSINESS PROFILE will be participating, so the best tool for networking with peers. LinkedIn is, say should participate from the point to talk about yourself and being able to be linked to a Google Friendly other Web content, or you can customize your profile URL. Come on suddenly ran from when the person might be a future employer, that along with the boss of you now, would not it be best if we find from Google gave me a profile of LinkedIn?

7 TO SHARE YOUR OWN PHOTOS. is a fairly friendly Google. Upload your own photos or logo of your company, products such as, labeling them using your name. If you (including your name) and added something to each photo, and voila voila! You're becoming a large number of pages that you have added the name of your company combined with that's all! Do not forget to do the same when choosing a profile name to Flickr.

8 TO CLAIM HIS IDENTITY. is for people who want to manage Google's reputation, but He can create a profile so effective, to link to all of the other profile. When you turn out to be important in the aspect of networking is LinkedIn, Naymz is like a tank, up the blood of your brand. No matter how you look at it, it seems like it Google!

If you're facing a Google reputation nightmare, you would be good seeing to create your own Wikipedia profile. After all, Wikipedia is since it is displayed all over the place of Google. I wish I Preface. Wikipedia, it is approved not only difficult, but it completely fair. Even they listed in the profile caused by drunken driving accident that tries to hide you. Not good. So, to make your own Wiki Stop it, will make your own profile in a similar manner. it is perfect for it. Can be made ​​in your personal name or company name. The best point is that it can be your own person decide to contribute to it.

Google Page Creator page is free from, but not the best of web content for the management of the reputation of Google, would be something to restore the reputation of you to Google.

Well, that such a place. These include, but are not to be used as a "get-out-of-tention-free card (of Monopoly)" - you should avoid the nightmare of the reputation the first place - to help you rebuild the reputation of Google at least, will give you.

Reputation Management

Don't harbour the opportunity to discover damaging information. The longer it's out there, the more difficult it is to mitigate. Take preventative, corrective, or effective action.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Linked in Link Building Strategies

 Linked in Link Building Strategies

LinkedIn is a social network that is mainly used as a business tool. Because you LinkedIn for a large section itself can complete, it is an ideal tool for link building 2.0 . In this article a brief but useful tip how LinkedIn can use for link building. Why is link building important order to score well in search engines you should take into account three components: text, indexing and popularity.

Text has everything to do with the keywords you used in the text elements of your website. Indexation is a more technical explanation, but it is important to your site 'open' position for search engines. Both the text element as the indexation element are things you can hold in your own hands.

The popularity of your website is harder in their own hand. This is the extent to which other sites link to your site.
You are so dependent on other sites. With the rise of social media such as Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn, there are still a number of doors opened again.
Linkedin Link Building
You simply can actively participate in these sites and thus ensure good links to your own website.

Good links from LinkedIn to your own website if you have a profile on LinkedIn, you can use this to some good links to your own website (s ) to create.

On your profile page you can get a number of web sites. The downside of the display of these websites is that they appear.

Where do I start?

Click on the Accounts & Settings link after you login. This is located at the top of the page. The rest is self

how to optimize Linkedin for link Building

1. My Profile Photo
A picture is worth 1000 words. For optimum quality, Also you can make an image or 80 by 80 pixels and upload them.

2. Public Profile Ι
By default, every profile is a Meaningless Assigned URL (eg www.linkedin/in/g7bs8733). The letter and number mush at the end to change a personal URL and Recognizable created. My preference is to use first and last name.

3. Public Profile ΙΙ
Further More, you can click on Pubic Profile page Indicating what information is visible in your public profile. Visitors who do not belong to your immediate network see your profile page this way.

4. Contact Settings
Under the heading Opportunity preferences you an indicate how you use the network. If you do not want to be contacted by recruiters, you can an indicate this here. Let the parts and career opportunities job inquiries empty.

5. Questions and Answers
It is interesting to select Yes, show Q & A from my 1st and 2nd degree network checkbox. This will make you informed of all questions and answers That your connections to ask and answer in the Answers section.

6. Email Addresses
It is Possible to add multiple addresses to an account. This makes it Easier for acquaintances to someone as a link to add. It Should be a primary email address specified. Make sure this address is no business! Should you unexpectedly no longer have access to your business email then you can not react to your profile page if you want to change.

7. Profile views
Here you can Increase the visibility of your surfing tracks. Within LinkedIn Because You can see who's viewed your profile. Ask yourself the following question: "How much personal information, the owner of a profile page of mine visited me know?"

8. Additional info
After opening the Profile page you can see the contents of your profile. The ability to add websites from search engine optimization point of view may be interesting. On the blog or Website - the link building expert - this is exactly how you Described approach.

9. Interests
Under the heading Interests can fill all your interests. If people within-LinkedIn search in one of your interests, you Appear in search results. Consider powerful Therefore what keywords will be overused When users are looking for expertise That You sacrifice!

10. Personal branding
Use your personal LinkedIn URL on blogs, forums and other social networks like Facebook. And process your personal URL in your LinkedIn or sign email footer

Linkedin profile for backlinks

LinkedIn profile to get higher in Google Search

To get higher in Google in Google's search results is "link building" an important element. According to the SEO gurus counts for about 50% towards your final position on the results page of Google. that can change your Linkedin profile to a good incoming link to obtain.

How Link Building
Like many other websites link to your website for Google then this is an indication that the website then refers itself an important site. A referral from site A to B, can be seen as a voting site from A to B. It is important that the referring site itself is a major site and preferably a similar theme as the site and then referenced.

The LinkedIn network
LinkedIn is a so-called Social Network site where professional networks built and maintained. By creating your own profile (education, work experience etc.) you can use the 'connections' of your 'connections' quickly build a professional network

Use LinkedIn for Link Building
LinkedIn has a pagerank of 8 (= 8 on a scale of 10). This is very high. Outgoing links on LinkedIn referring to your site count so good abilities to increase your pagerank!

How do we do?
Within your LinkedIn profile, you can specify up to 3 websites, eg My Company, My Website etc. The text image is My Company and underneath is the link to the URL. For a better result, it is important that the text which the link is also relevant, namely contains a keyword. This is the so-called Anchor Text. From My Company or My Web Google can not retrieve relevant information. Determine So the most important keywords for your site and use it as in this example.

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn profile

  • Step 2: Select the Edit option at sites
  • Step 3: Choose the option "Other" (last choice)
  • Step 4: Fill in website1 in the 1st field in the title: " your keyword
  • Step 5: Fill in website1 in the 2nd field in the URL: "
  • Step 6: Fill in website2 in the 1st field in the title: " your second keyword
  • Step 7: Fill in website2 in the 2nd field in the URL: "
  • Step 8: Fill in website3 in the 1st field in the title: " your third keyword
  • Step 9: Fill in website3 in the 2nd field in the URL: "
  • Step 10: Click "Save changes"


    Linkedin Profile for link Building

    Such a link has no good anchor text. A good anchor text contains keywords you want to score in Google. How can you link this to make a good anchor text? It's very simple. Proceed as follows:

    Click 'Edit' behind the link
    From the dropdown box for "Other"
    Give the link and anchor text, eg 'Marketing Portal, free tips'
    Click 'Save changes'. The link will appear with the given anchor text. Good thing right?

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    Saturday, March 24, 2012

    Yahoo Answer Link Building

    Yahoo Answer Traffic Guide

    Yahoo Answer Link Building

    I think this technique is already used by many, yet here I leave my opinion about Yahoo Answers. Online forums such as Yahoo offers a great opportunity to drive traffic to your blog / site and thereby improve its ranking in search engine results. It's very simple, use your knowledge to help others who are in doubt and, in turn, you will be in contact with your audience. Then, can and should direct them to your blog where possible answer can be found, and thus is increasing visits to your blog and also at the same time creating Link Building.

    Yahoo Answer Logo

    This is technique is to get backlinks and targeted traffic, using the famous Yahoo Answers page, We Should only follow These simple steps:

    Step 1 - Checking into Yahoo Answers Yahoo Answers - Start an account is created we look to step two.

    Step 2 - Yahoo has answers all questions by category, so We Can find our target traffic, once you find the right category to continue to step three.

    Step 3 - This step is very importantly, begin to answer questions with quality, if we in this our question Chosen will be the best question, it is very easy to make that happen, because many answers are so absurd and inconsistent to be best answer is a breeze now moves on to step four. We Also recommend children not to answer questions or absurd because They Do not qualify.

    Step 4 - Once we have enough points and we managed to be level 2 Can place a link on our reference answers is very important to place the link mast be level two, because at one level does not Become a link and in level 2, the Link Can Be your home page or an article that is related to the answer.

    Yahoo Answer

    Here's an example of how to respond without spamming Where I can buy an engagement ring in the United States, gold good price? - Yahoo Answers United States This technique has its good side and bad side,

    Went on to explain: The good thing is we got a nofollow backlink from a page with weight on the internet, plus a bit of target traffic to our blog and if we 'till we're lucky to have constant traffic of any questions, because Google ranks very well in Yahoo answers questions such as - Google That The downside is it is taken to be level 2 and the clear answer will always be better but if this is worth it .

    What I can advice is being wellness seen more as a backlink That Gives some targeted traffic pylon, also because a new frequent visitor to your blog. not recommend abusing this because They will lose the account.
    Here the data to know That you need for each level how I can be level 2 in yahoo answers? - Yahoo! Answers United States : The Fact That They Are "nofollow" does not mean They are worthless links.

    Yahoo Answers is moderated: That's not you think search engines is a high level of trust from the links found in a well moderated? Do not discard the links are nofollow well simply because it looks more natural to have nofollow links.

    Yahoo Answer Link Building

    To create this all have to give serious answers and information that are useful for the person who made the  Yahoo Answers have to necessarily create links in their response to your blog, so that this mode has a higher rate of entry new visitors. This technique requires dedication but is it really worth!

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    Friday, March 23, 2012

    Forum Posting

    Forum Posting
    Optimization is the art of getting ranked highly in the organic (free) listings of a major search engine for the keywords you want. This provides free very targeted traffic to your website. Search Engine Marketing is not paying for placement in a major search engine.

    Search engine optimization can be divided into 2 parts building quality content for the keyword you are targeting and get quality, related sites link to that content. This article is focused on getting quality, related sites link to your site. After all, you can have all the quality content about a subject you want, but if no one links to it will not rank well in a search engine. Getting ranked high for certain keywords in your industry, will bring targeted traffic continued. This is a vital part of an overall marketing strategy for any business on the Internet. This directly affects the bottom line by reducing the expenses you need to do to get traffic.
    Forum chat

    Forum Posting is arguably the best way to pay for your accommodation (you post, host receives money form forums ads), just make sure you do not need to post every day just to maintain your account. Grant paid accounts can be cool, but you need to be aware of the constant attempt for the conversion of free paid account.

    Forum Posting is not only useful in generating traffic through links, is a two way street, you get to meet and hopefully help readers solve their problems unresolved. If you can not resolve the issue first hand, you can steer them in the right direction, share links to sites that have helped in the past.

    Join online communities and posting on forums is a great way for you to start networking and talking about your business without the pressure of the network in person. Forums give you the chance to prove himself as an expert in your field, and as a respected member of the community. Moreover, the nature of high traffic forums make them natural candidates for frequent Googlebot visits, which increases the PageRank of your website as well as provides some indirect marketing for you.
    Forum communication
    Now let's talk about the online discussion forums. It is not only targeted traffic, but if you take the time to analyze the statistics of your site, you will find that this type of traffic will spend more on their pages than other types of traffic.

    A name that goes unmatched when it comes to service, depth of knowledge and help of course. You will notice many times to yourself that are really the best forums where members are passionate about the subject in this forum, if they are successful or at least very enthusiastic about what they do and there is the energy inherent in see everyone there get the pinnacle of success.

    Another way is to provide top search engine rankings and higher AdSense revenue is the forum posting. This technique is more profitable for high rankings in Google. It's a good idea to link to many other sites that are related to the subject as you can. You will find some sites that have achieved their top rankings with the help of forums and links to messageboards. . So, whenever you post on forums you can post your links in the signature that can help your website to the highest level in the search engines.
    Forum Posting Banafits
    tips for post images in forum.

    Although the possibility exists, we are not at all favorable to the insertion of personal images hosted on external servers : we have no guarantee of permanence of these images and their disappearance may make an incomprehensible discussion if it is consulted after a while, some take the opportunity to put images of oversized disturbing the layout of the forum and the display time and finally there is no guarantee that a perfectly acceptable picture will not be replaced without our knowledge later by another inconsistent with the charter of the forum. Therefore please post your images as attachments.

    Avoid BMP. Is uncompressed file it gives too large unnecessarily cluttering the server's hard drive.
    If this is a photo or a scanned document with many shades of color, use the JPG format. You can adjust the compression ratio to ensure a good compromise between file size and image quality.

    If this is a pattern or any other type of image with less than 256 colors, the GIF format is best suited: it is compressed without any loss in quality, compared to a BMP image for example.

    Do not unzip the images. This makes them awkward to navigate and requires an additional operation to moderators before validating them. Moreover zip a JPG or GIF you will not win anything, these formats are already compressed.

    Do not put your images in PDF format. Again the consultation is much less simple than a conventional image format. PDF is designed for text documents (and possibly images) or for free right documents (some "Datasheet" for example) that are only available in this format.
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    Thursday, March 22, 2012

    Local and Regional Search Engine Indexing

    Local and regional search engine indexing
    local-search engine indexing

    Local search engine indexing is increasingly important for the  business. It is therefore important to include local search engine optimization (local SEO) to apply. This ensures that your website gets a high position in local search. In this article I will explain some techniques with which these high search engine position can be achieved. The first is the specification of local terms. Subsequently, these terms are properly implemented on the website and backlinks. Furthermore, the so-called business directories important for you to be found locally. Finally, the new location-based social networking interesting to pay attention to it.

    Local search keywords
    Local Search Keywords Research
    Firstly, important for targeting select a region. This does not need to be global, as well as not to be specific. For air conditioner called "True Acecel 'For example' Rotterdam 'are too broad, and Orange Area" too limited. This can be better for the district 'california' go. The proper keywords are ' air conditioner california' california air conditioner 'and' air conditioner repair california. The determination of the region depends mainly from what industry you operate.

    Website & Backlinks
    Then the selected keywords in specific places in the website are processed. Examples include URLs, page titles, meta tags and content text. For the latter, the rule of thumb up to 4 percent keyword density used.

    It is also important to so-called "backlinks" get with selected local keywords in the anchor text mentioned. A backlink is a link to your site from another website. Utilize the local small websites for this. This helps your SEO or not directly, but represents valuable local traffic.

    Business Directory
    local google place
    The well-known business directories still score high in the local search results. If someone is looking for a air conditioner shop in united states, will, or often occur between the first five results. A special version is Google Places. This is the official directory of Google, and statements herein are free.

    Also make heavy use of all the new features that these websites provide. Examples include reviews, coupons, events, and videos. These resources ensure that you as a company stands, and stands out among the masses. above is a picture of a smart company that responds to the Google Places listing with off-line promotional tools.

    local seo

    Location based social networking
    A relatively new but rapidly emerging phenomenon are location based social networks. Since Google will attach more value to social outcomes, it is important to be here as a company in play.  . A united states player who is soon to begin .  it himself to work, and encourage your customers to use these services. That gives you valuable free local promotion.

    Local search results
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    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    RSS - Really Simple Syndication


    What is RSS?
    RSS stands for Rich Site Sumary or Really Simple Syndication, is a format that allows you to distribute the contents of your site in a standardized way that allows it to be read in several readers news . The addresses that distribute news in RSS format are also known as feeds. There are news feeds to other formats as RDF and Atom .

    The advantage of reading news via RSS is that you can focus on a single reader of hundreds of news sites and different receive these updates daily without having to visit each site, selecting their news sources you can keep informed and optimize your time. Today, nearly all news sites distribute their content in RSS.

    Rss Reader

    You can use a news reader, online or offline, offline readers generally have more features and are faster, the online counterpart to allow you to keep a single control of their feeds to be independent at home, at work or in a lan- house. One of the most used offline readers is FeedReader and one of the most used online readers is Bloglines . A great tool to optimize and promote your RSS feed is FeedBurner ,

    To syndicate your web content syndication, to other sites really simple, build inbound links, make today one of the most effective SEO strategy or RSS.

    RSS is not only for the blog. - You can deliver the content of your website. : News headlines, product news, tech updates, specials, clearance items, upcoming events, new stock, new articles, tools and resources, new search results, update your site or a new hint of change history books, and recpies. The main object of the RSS feed so that you can follow people every time there is a rss reader of the special use product sales. . To its basic, twitter of the old school.
    Really Simple Syndication
    To collect the syndicated content - news aggregator called - blog and feed search site. Search engine. Growth of the audience to visit your site to find (content that is created by RSS feed) the new content has been paying attention to the many RSS feeds and dynamic content for this extra traffic. .

    Search engine how to use the RSS feed?

    Now that you know is it what is rss feed, search engine can be considered an important way of google why in order to pick up the first user. Use this in order to give a page rank better, motion To determine whether there is an rss aggregator as long as possible to the many, is to submit a second meal as rss.

    RSS - Really Simple Syndication
    RSS Search Engine Optimization for 12 points to take advantage of the SEO RSS feed has been introduced. And 12 in the search engine is included with few of them do not even related, they are considering is valid Tips as feed delivery optimization. Here are sprinkled with 12 pieces and a brief description of paraphrasing them.

    A. Title should contain important search terms
    This is basic SEO of the site also applies to normal.

    (From search engines) to be visible to the 2. RSS feed
    When exposing the contents of a feed as part of the content, you will be visible from search engines by using a function such as HTML or ASP or PHP. In addition, the title Let's use the h tags.

    3 internal links and external links.
    Feed because it can be syndicated in various sites, the links in the feed must be written with an absolute path. In addition, in order to prevent readers from leaving their site, so links open in a separate window.

    4. Link text to emphasize the keyword
    Try to include keywords in the link of all.

    My MSN and to take advantage of 5. My Yahoo!
    Let RSS feed of their site and the contents of the My MSN My Yahoo!. Will be indexed in less than two days.
    Rss Service
    6 For each feed. Theme
    By providing a feed for each theme, will make it easier to syndication from the site along the theme that, under the number of links increases.

    7. Link popularity
    Registered in the directory to the appropriate site feed, let's strive to improve the link popularity.
    Overview of the

    8. RSS feed (description)
    For readers to be able to easily identify whether the content is important for the reader that, let's provide enough information. (The summary should include the information I'll also enough of SEO?)
    Subscribe to feed their own

    9.Subscribe to the RSS feed of your site is fundamental. By doing so, that looks like you can see how the reader. (· · ·. But feel that SEO is not anymore)

    10 image ads.
    Let's feed the images into their own site or company logo.

    11 order to be aware of. Alphabet
    A lot of people in an RSS feed reader is side by side in alphabetical order.

    Meaningful link 12.
    URL of the item to be included in the feed, should be pointing to the unique content by using a function such as #.

    Read more ...

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    Press Release News Syndication

    Press release
    Press release news syndication - With the costs of online marketing on the rise, buyers are looking for ways to keep their exposure low and selling high costs. It has always been a challenge for buyers throughout the case to another in many industries. There are many companies using paid advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo, but they pay an arm and a leg to reach their target.

     For a spot of advertising than on these home pages of two websites you will spend at least $ 50,000 and rising twenty-four hour time slots. In addition, you can spend a ton of marketing dollars trying to find consumers through the marketing pay per click , but may run the risk of fraud clicking , which ultimately can lead to a significant loss to your budget overall sales.

    This is not to say that pay per marketing click can not be used to increase your exposure to sale, it is simply a warning to keep in mind when deciding how to get the most bang for your buck. Many buyers are turning to the tactical optimization and submission of press release to give their websites more visibility and to keep their marketing costs to a minimum. Companies seeking to gain additional brand awareness can do so by presenting real interesting information about their products and services to newspapers and media hub throughout the United States.
    Press release news
    These newspapers have editors who crave new highly targeted and syndicate your news releases will frequently in all channels of distribution media. The key is to present timely news about your company that will attract consumers to learn more about your current products and services.

    According to Pwc, who compiled the data for the interactive advertising agency, during the first half of 2005, U.S. online advertising grew 26% to $ 5.8 billion. It is clear that more consumers each year use the Internet as a means to buy their goods and services. With these types of announcing increases , it makes sense to use the Internet as a sales medium to spread the word about your company's expertise and industry. The building brand awareness through the Internet can be inexpensive if you use the right marketing strategies, leading to future materials - Optimization and distribution of press release.

    By optimizing your entire press release you give your news release from the greatest chance to achieve relevance and prominence of keywords among the major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. This factor alone can make a world of difference for your company and help drive targeted consumers to your business website.

    There are also additional benefits to the optimization of press release, which include the increased popularity and link with other theme based websites by hosting your content on their sites, and finally increase your keyword rankings of Yahoo and MSN. The distribution of press release can keep your costs to a minimum and help your business / website to get the most exposure possible.
    Press release news syndication
    There are not many sales channels that yield a high ROI if. Where else can you spend less than $ 500 on a simple marketing campaign and receive between 20 to 100,000 impressions all related to your products and services?

    Factor leading to keep in mind is that the press releases that are really interesting getting exposure to more online sales. Business owners who write fresh new company establish credibility with editors and consumers by keeping their material current and interesting. Press releases submitted primarily to promote those company, and for not informing consumers about industry trends, will rarely cut for major newspapers across the country.

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    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Direct Link Exchange / Direct Link Building

    Direct Link Exchange

    The link exchange

    Exchanging links is nothing recent since it is one of the Earliest forms of linking are "artificial" and Used by webmasters to gain visibility, aim Nowadays this practice to the coast a bit lost.

    For proof, one quick turn on the generator adwords Does That tells us Three expressions associated (singular and plural alike) Whose monthly searches are superior to 100:

    link exchange (s): Normal, After All this is the theme of the Article

    link exchange (s) automatically: As bad exchanges, and in general, and II do not talk about it.

    link exchange (s) hard: Obviously it's better!

    A reciprocal link is a bad link

    Heresy! Do I want to scream. Reciprocity is only One of many factoring Determining the quality of a link, and if It Will Respect ED Others are ultimately little weight.

    So I'll say it again, a reciprocal link is not a bad link. It Can Be very beneficial for your SEO for your visitors AND Provided You Do not Do That To The slob!

    Whom to select site with exchange

    Before Accepting or Refusing a partner site, you must ask the Following Questions:

    The theme of the site is it close to you?

    Is it adequately Addressed by Google? Number of indexed pages, links, etc.. ..

    Is he alive or dead? An active site is always a plus.

    What your visitors think? If It Is Useful to Them is a bonus if it's bad scares ET!

    I do not want a reciprocal link? The race, you're wrong home.

    We must Illustrious .. Be it may aim too cliche!

    The different kinds of exchanges, and

    Direct Link Building Tips

    Footer link:

    Exchanging links in footer is one of the Most popular and in my opinion not the best Because It Is Almost Exclusively for research tools. A travel site with 2000 pages Offering a footer link "sports shoe" is annually invited to Google so That It Keeps An Eye on the site.

    I therefore recommend limited use to a minimum icts, for my part I reserve the use of the footer link to only the home page of my site Limiting myself Some links (5 to 10 at the most). Numerous latter; Certainly less, but no more weight gain Than if the rest of my site is not a link farm.

    The partner page:

    I Will not dwell on the subject since I Have Already published annually Article: Successful partner page, view it is a well-targeted Possibility That Could Be interesting.

    The BlogRoll:

    Mainly Used on blogs, it is best to have footer link Clearly visible by the user and not reserved to the motors. Again if the websites are Chosen with relevance, and your readers Google Will Have No Reason For You blame.

    Link Building

    The promotional item:

    Obviously the best choice, purpose also One That Requires The Most time. Create a page dedicated to your partner with a presentation of ict website and include it Which You Can Directly Some links in the text, seamlessly.

    If your partner Does the same, more links and optimized gain additional visibility You Will in search engines and it Will Be a positive factor for online reputation!

    Triangular link exchanges, and:

    Although They Are Little More Than Difficult to detect reciprocal links for year algorithm like Google, They Have the advantage of linking additional year site and are therefore additional year contribution of popularity. Use The Same technology as for a reciprocal link!

    3 golden rules:

    Finally it is not so difficulty to Achieve a quality link exchange, Simply Follow These Three rules:

    Emphasize Quality: In your choice of partners as in how to set up your links

    Useful link: If Google is Intended for and not Internet users, your trade Will Be Bad.

    Limit yourself: Do not plumb Creating your own website by 50 external links per page.

    Link Exchange

    Link Building Tips:

    Link Building is a job that many people look up to. Link Building is however necessary to improve your position in the results.Om help you we have compiled a list of 30 very useful link building tips. Of course there are many other ways, but this list will do well on the way to go help.

    We will start with the 'on page' factors. Many people forget that this is an important part of link building is here and that you can gain huge profit. An additional advantage is that you have little work there anymore once it looks good.

    On page link building tips

    1 . Try to ensure that your website confidence. People do not link to a website that they think that if the author can not be trusted. Namely their own image is at stake. Try to give information about your business, certification to show your portfolio and reviews. The more you show that other people appreciate your website, the more they do this myself. For link building is so very essential.

    2 . Try all text on your website easy to understand language to write. It is not the purpose of your website to your vocabulary to brag. No, you just wish that they easily understand. If they can, they will also be much more inclined to spread the word / link.

    3. Start a blog. Regularly try to register. Choose a fixed day and write a fascinating article. That way your visitors know where they stand and they will return weekly. These regular visitors will be more inclined to share your article with their acquaintances, friends or visitors to their websites. With good content makes you sure that other people link building for your site care.

    4. Give your visitors the ability to link to your website. Make sure you have your website visitors can post on the popular social media platforms. There are several scripts on the internet to find that social media into your website. In combination with the quality articles you write every week, this will provide you links to go deliver!

    5. Link to others. This is a very good way to become known. Someone will notice that you link to their website, such as Google analytics . Many people will appreciate this if the article where they are listed, of course, positive and fun. Not everyone will find a link, but it will certainly impact in your link building campaign.

    6. Provide resources and tools on your topic. Try to offer something which is useful to your visitors. How about a BMI meter or a mortgage calculator script? People like useful things to share with the world.

    7. Start a list of tips, as we have written this list. People find these lists very useful and this will certainly reward. You can also choose to make a list of useful websites on your topic! As I said earlier, you can sometimes expect a link back.

    8. Start a forum or community. This way your users to produce content for you. You'll be better found and you will surely get a lot of links for your link building campaign.

    9. Provide surprise. Try to get an interesting new fact or an article in which something is exposed. People love to read something different than normal.

    10. Invite your visitors to subscribe! Many people find it fun to write a blog. In this way, because they themselves deserve a link to their site. Bet those on his own website stated that he also writes a blog on you?! This way you get new content and a good boost for your link building campaign.

    Off page Link Building Tips

    11. exchange links with relevant partners. Many people think that this is now no longer makes sense, but the opposite is true! If you link exchanges with quality partners with relevance, it is certainly useful. Many people also have other domains from which management can be linked and this is a lot better than a reprocial link building - link exchange.

    12. Try to get links from important pages. If this fails, you can also try to write an article containing your link. If that also fails, and you have only the choice to a "partner page" to stand, it is wise that you not on a page with 1000 links other afterwards. See if that page is worth it to stand. Otherwise, no deal!

    13. Participate in community programs and forums. Of course it is desirable that this same subject and target as your own site. This can lead to more visitors, increased credibility and thus more likely to have left! You can also add a link in the caption / signature. Caution: Do not spam posts. This will certainly not going to help in getting good results in a link building campaign.

    14. Use platforms to bookmark your posts to promote. Web sites like and are good for your link to maintain good flow. A useful website to your site to bookmark is , here you can bookmark your site very easy to bookmark various services.
    Direct Link Building
    15. Add your articles to news sites. Try, however, a good article to write, without commercial approach. Otherwise it will not be admitted.

    16. See if there are people in your area that has to be able to link to your website. You acquaintances, for example? You can look at local newspapers, your supplier, the neighbors .. Many forget to do this often, but once you're at it, you'll quickly see the possibilities for your link building campaign.

    17. use social media like Facebook , Twitter and Myspace to your left to put down. Create a business page and make sure you place a link on here. Good to get more visitors, but certainly to the search results!

    18. Create a promotional video and post on Youtube and other movie sharing platforms. Links that you put under your movies (description) are no-follow and many other possibilities too. However, you can click on your 'channel' page, or a do-follow link sites.

    19. write texts and articles and post them on the larger Article Directories. Try it on qualitative platforms to do and not as much as possible. Quality over quantity is always in a well established link building campaign.

    20. leave behind on reviews websites. Have you purchased a product or service and you will see that the website administrator uses so-called testimonials, it is wise to also have 1 in places. In exchange for the effort, you placed a link under your comment. A win / win situation, I guess!

    21. Write a press release. Try, however, as objective and newsworthy as possible. If you are not a skilled writer, it is wise to outsource. Collect as many interesting media, journalists and blogs and send it by press release. Do not let it happen if it is sent automatically. The more personal you an email directed to one person, the more likely the chance that they'll actually press release seriously.

    22. Make sure your website is included in the major Internet directories such as DMOZ. Do not try your link in the many thousands of useless web directories to places that are of poor quality. Only directories with high PageRank are interesting to use regarding link building.

    23. Buy useful links to relevant websites. Do not buy junk, such as spam or links to sites of poor quality. Try looking at places that sell private providers on websites like. Look at the quality and relevance!

    24. Make your articles in PDF or PowerPoint presentations and post them on document sharing websites such as: . Do not forget your links in your articles to us!

    25. Create your own software and post it on the hundreds of software sharing websites.

    26. Put on guest writing! Here you write articles on a blog of someone else. Try to write helpful articles on various blogs. Trade you will get a link to the author information. Very good link building tip to relevant and quality links to get.

    27 . Ask your friends / acquaintances or while they surf the internet like to place a link for you. They will not mind it!

    28. Try to arrange an interview with a person who is widely known in your target audience. Not only do people find this interesting and will be linking to them here, but also for the interviewee is something to be proud of. He will link maybe even on his / her website.

    29. If you have a shop or sell products online, it is advisable to have an affiliate program to set up. It makes for more sales and of course can be an essential marketing tool to be considered, but you will also begin to generate many backlinks.

    Link Building Process

    30. Last but not least: Outsourcing Link Building! Did you post these tips do not feel a link building campaign to establish itself, we can always help you, of course.

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    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Content Editing and Content Rewriting

    Content Editing and Content Rewriting
    It is often useful to update the content of your website in order to adapt to changes in the text of your industry or consumer habits.
    Rework the fluidity of the text for easy reading, correct any spelling mistakes or syntax, text structure adapt to the constraints inherent in the on-screen reading, are changes involved in the ergonomics of your site .

    On-page optimization, content rewirting are the topics of your daily business? You need for your SEO texts a certain keyword density, to obtain a good positioning in search engines? In addition to using a specific keyword density is one of them also unique text content. Independent Publishing provides you with fast and competent to provide the required texts, in the best text quality and 100 percent of search engine relevance.

    Unique content according to your specifications
    In order to ensure unique content and good positioning of the text for your website in search engines, Independent Publishing is working with the software copyright Copyscape. This checks the text before sending them on their distinctive and unique content.
    In addition, their system allows you, for each contract and each keyword to define an individual keyword density, which is closely monitored in the copywriting.

    Content Editing and Content Rewriting Tips

    Content Rewriting

    The Impact of copywriting is essential in the hypertext environment of the Internet. Change the title of a topic, a title or a hyperlink, and You Can Vary reading the spleen Corresponding to a ratio of 1 to 10. Internet users behave very fleeting; To Be read, you must Be brief, clear and informative. Inspired by the user experience, this article, Which Wants To Be very concrete, a small fifty Own summarizes advice in writing on the Internet.

    Article summary

    The content of the items
    The pictures

    1. Titles
    A. Provide essential title for Every year page.
    The title is:

    2. Shorts
    Between 4 and 10 words.
    Ideally, the title Should we did one line.
    Eliminate all adjectives, prepositions, adverbs and Unnecessary circumlocution.

    3. Visible
    in the central area of ​​the page, above-the happy Immediately.
    Use a font size larger Than the body text.
    Outlawing italics, underlining or capitalization

    4. Explicit
    Understood the vocabulary by the audience.
    Describing the best content possible of the page and Its added value
    (Anticipation of the content).
    Without acronym, abbreviation or idiom

    5. Catchy
    Inviting content playback, Provided That THEY REMAIN clear.
    Avoid rhetorical effect: word games, exclamatory punctuation, promotional language.
    Check if a sentence with a verb Does not make the title more dynamic.

    6. Containing keywords
    Consider search engines the content of titles to index web pages.
    Reuse thesis keywords in the text to Enhance the consistency of the message.

    7. Having autonomous meaning-year
    the title is Likely To Be included in an interactive table of contents. Through a search engine, users Cdn Go directly on the page, They Should Be Able to Immediately Understand the scope.
    Eight. Whose first words Are The Most Significant.

    9. If a day is associated with the title, it established the after the title.
    2. Introductions

    10. Limit clings to a single short paragraph.

    11. To hang the show, use bolding or A Separate background color, but never gold Stressed italics.

    12. Summarize the essential information.
    Be the grip must have read a "brief".
    By soi, it deriving their The Basis of the information. The rest of the Article Simply Provides more details.
    To help you summarize the info, the art of Apply "W 5" which leads to Meet the Five Basic Questions That the reader wonders: Who? What? When? Where? Why?. In Other Words: Who is affected? what's new, what are we talking about? When did it happen That gold when is this going to happen? where? why?

    13. On Target: Do not Introduce a topic by a welcome note of gold inconsistent with the usual precautions. Apply the principle of the "inverted pyramid" which means clustering That We start with the basics, then to go Into detail and Into the shade.
    3. The content of the items

    14. Cut out the information in Several Paragraphs.

    15. Limit yourself to one idea per paragraph, Which Will APPEAR in the first sentence of the paragraph.

    16. Use, if Necessary, Several blocks of information. Deport the information, or recurrent Specialized Specialized in boxes (eg, key figures, interviews, sources, etc. ..).

    17. Use headings, along Especially In texts (more Than 2,000 characters).

    18. Limit the length of the page: between 500 and 4000 characters if possible. If your comments require more length, Consider The Possibility of cutting mini Into the content folder.

    19. Put the keyword in bold. Without abuse.

    20. Use the bulleted lists or numbered, that 'Give Relief to the page.

    21. Illustrate your content using visual informative.

    22. Use short sentences (15-20 words on average), the vocabulary and style simple, concrete, direct, and concise.
    Between two equivalent expressions, always choose the shortest (eg, "except" instead of "except").
    Use the active voice passive Rather Than.
    Replace conditional on Two awards.
    Avoid sentences Accumulating numbers, acronyms, abbreviations or enumerations.
    Avoid clauses, phrases in parentheses, the semicolon or colon When Used as a moyen de Providing information or an accessory breathing in a long sentence.

    23. Avoid jargon (legal, administrative, commercial, etc. ..).

    24. Avoid acronyms and Other abbreviations "not universal", UNLESS the early Have Explained in the text.

    25. Adjust your tone to your target and maintain to consist of a tone.
    Content Editing
    26. To Ensure the longevity of your content, use of absolute time markers ("December 2012" rather than "next month").

    27. Avoid Specific spatial cues paper gold records ("see below," "below", "above", "next page") or hierarchical (as chaptering Ia gold II.a), b), c), ...). These benchmarks are foreign to hypertext navigation.
    For The Same Reasons, do not use footnotes page.
    4. Hyperlinks

    28. Limit the number of links in pages:
    September maximum recommended links area Within a Grouped links to outside content to consume.
    The links in the body text REMAIN Should exceptional.

    29. In general, group links in the margin or at the bottom of items injustement integrate Than Them Into the body of the text (Which deriving their incitement to digress).

    30. Write explicit links, Giving a clear idea of ​​What They lead to.
    Avoid Such links have "click here", "next page".

    31. Links Should Be Neither too short (Which Makes Them inconspicuous gold Unspecific) or too long (Which Makes little scannable). Feel free to link it up the more words, but never paragraph Entire year. The links Consist of 3-8 words work perfectly.

    32. Avoid redundant links That The Same provide statement to access content.

    33. sure to Ensure the correspondence of the link title and the title of the destination page.

    34. Accompany gladly link to a short description text more accurately.
    That notes in HTML, you-can OPTIONALLY a TITLE attribute to associate the link (additional description, more explicit, that 'Appears to mouseover).

    35. Make sure your links are discriminating. Ties, Especially adjacent Areas Must Be Clearly Differentiated. For example, do not mingle a link "New" and "News" link ... The Most explicit or visit ... "New Site" and "Press Releases".

    36. Preferably use the standard colors (blue for unvisited links and purple for visited links). In all cells, use different colors for visited and unvisited links.

    37. Underline links. Only acceptable exception: the links in the navigation interface, where 'the interactive graphic design Makes clear.

    38. Conversely, do not underline the non-interactive text.

    39. exceptions (large PDF files, applications, ...), avoid links open a new window, at least for Any happy Belonging to the Same Site.

    40. Always include a link to the user opens the Content Other than a web page (PDF, Word document, etc. ..).

    41. Provide alternative hypertext links year in the box of pictures.
    5. The pictures

    42. Combine your pictures a text alternative. This is a text equivalent, descriptive and concise, visible in mouseover.

    43. Prefer informational images.

    44. Whenever possible, plan a legend, concise and Giving Meaning to the image.
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    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Blog Comment Posting

    Blog Comment Posting

    One of the main conditions for a findable website is the number of links to the site. The more 'votes', how popular the site and the higher it appears in Google. Does a comment on a blog as a backlink?

    Anyone with a good blog has visited hundreds of useless responses from people just looking for a quick link. There are many new versions of blog platforms out there quite manage to evade the spammers.

    If all of these useless comments take into consideration you can not imagine yourself that it is possible to backlinks to get through blog comments. It is still possible, but you should be fine tackle. Instead of passively comment on the blog of someone else, it is advisable to work on a relationship with the blogger on the other side.

    After time expires, this is valuable because the blogger can see that you actually shows interest in his or her blog posts and that you take the trouble to post a comment. This can result in a link to your site, but also to a new blog post referring to your website.
    There are five key ways to get backlinks by responding to blogs. Below you will find all five ways, including a brief explanation.
    Provides you comment on a blog, make sure you read the whole message
    , it is perhaps difficult to imagine, but many comments on blogs from people who are not in the message have completely read. The comments that are placed, have little if anything to do with the post itself. Have a substantial addition or can offer an interesting question can ask after you have read the entire blog post.

    Not as a blog spammer happen

    dont post spam

    To the blogger to let them know that you're the one who always puts reactions, it is important to leave your name. Moreover, you distinguish yourself from spammers too, because they often do not mention their names.
    It is a good way to leave a comment starting with 'good blog'. If it is, however, it remains at, it is a value-free reaction. Make sure you have something of value to the blog. For example, let your vision of the blog know. Or specify where you critical of. Do you think the blogger missed something, please let us know. Make sure your comment is about professional and polite.

    To gain the trust of the blogger to win, it is advisable to personal and friendly in your responses. Speak to the blogger and his or her name and place your response in a normal tone in general civilized.

    Come back to the blog

    It is not enough to post a comment and then not come back on the blog. Please come back regularly placed on the blog and a reaction whenever you deem necessary. Consistent visits and comments show that you really are interested.
    It takes some time for this kind of backlinks to get through a blog, but it is certainly an effective way to get backlinks.

    Blog comment

    By posting comments on the blogs of your "competitors" create backlinks. With each response creating a new backlink, so it is perhaps a good idea to spend some time on blogs to your "competitors". Also, when posting comments on blogs is in your best interest to add value to the conversation. This not only lets you see that you know what you're talking about, but you can also attract the attention of the visitors already on the blog of your "competitors" are. Like the forums, two birds with one stone.

    The "competitors" are not the competitors, but once you learn still.

    On forums and blogs and you can often respond to the article. In the reaction field can usually be your name, email and website address. Your name contains a link to your site, and this seems a smart way to much (back) left to collect. Seems, because in most cases, Google counts the links not count. This has everything to do with the no-follow principle.

    Blog rank grow

    Left on his blog often nofollow

    Webmasters can automatically outgoing links with a nofollow attribute. They say search engines so that they are not responsible for the content of the linked pages, and that they therefore ignore. Google PageRank bears no result on to the linked page and does nothing with the anchor text .

    But why should you not respond to forums and blogs? Absolutely not, because people may still click on the link and in this way do you have for extra visitors. For your position in Google has no effect.

    Tip! DoFollow backlinks out

    In the source code of a webpasgina you can often see or do or outbound links are nofollow. It works as follows:

    Press Ctrl + U (source)
    Press Ctrl + F (Search)
    Search for the word "nofollow"
    Do you see the word, with an outgoing link then you know that Google does not follow him. , The word is not, then this is not the case. Links so!

    OneClickSeo is fully DoFollow SEO Blog


    The weblog of SEO is completely DoFollow OneClickSeo. This means that you have a valid baclink pagerank value and if you receive at your site specify your comment. Why I do this? Because it is always nice when readers make themselves heard and you always can learn from each other. Have substantive tips, advice, experiences or any comments? Let them back under the articles and you will receive as thanks a full backup link.

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