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Submit site to Google and Other Search Engines

 Submit site to Google and Other Search Engines

Submit site to Google and Other Search Engines :
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What else can you do?

Disclose on Social Networks

Take advantage of social networks ( Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , etc.) to get the "spread" their URL's. Enjoy also use URL shorteners's ( ) There are many others, this is the one I use. Thus the passing on these sites Google will find your blog / site / pages and sure it will index.

Enjoy the content aggregators

The content aggregators are also very good for a site by Google , some are better than others, I leave here some among many that exist. The diHITT , digg and Via6 are some that I use but I would also recommend an article I wrote about how to generate more traffic to DIGG . Do not forget that content is KING, create quality content to think of their readers.

Certainty that the passing on these sites Google will realize that there is a new website / blog / article and will record in its search engine. From here a site is indexed in Google .

Sitemap XML, TXT's Robot

As I mentioned in previous articles that r obots.txt is mandatory to use to index your blog / site as well as two articles on XML sitemaps;

How to create sitemap for Google
How to send sitemap.xml to multiple search engines
When reading these articles and perform these tasks will be to inform Google of the existence of every page of your blog / site.

Leave links to other blogs / sites

This is the beginning of the Internet, a network of links that connect sites with each other. For this reason for a site on Google should comment on the gender of your blogs, participate in forums and leave your link. The idea is to make our site a maximum number of other sites preferably who speak the same subject from our own, like Google. Avoid sending mass your link to directories or use software that do this automatically, Google does not like it!

Differences such as for a site on Google and positioning a site on Google

Indexing a site / blog / article is different from placing the results of search engines. One thing is to inform Google of the existence of a new website / blog / article, another thing is to position for keywords on a site in Google search results.

Index - is to inform Google of the existence of a new blog / site / pages and the more "espalharmos" our URL's on the Internet more options you have to be found by Google.
Position - is put through a specific keyword to our blog / site / page in search results on search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc ...)

For by a site on Google there are two differences, index, and position. After realizing the differences between both terms, it becomes easier to devise strategies for web marketing for businesses on the Internet they are; sites, blogs, online stores, articles, etc..

search engines

Submit your URL to Google

Submit Your Site To Google

As we know Google is the biggest search engine on the Internet, so for a site in Google is very simple. But above all we must realize that a site to appear on Google called "indexing." When we type in the Google search box the address of a site or URL of an article appears in the results and says that they are indexed, ie, Google has realized that there is a new website / blog / article and added to its search engine.

Google has a space where we can for a website and send the URL to inform the new page / blog / site, but if we can perform this task in a most natural way is much better. So the goal here is to find Google of course our blog / site / article on the Internet at various sites. And what can we do to for a site on Google in a natural way?

Google Url Submit
Google Submit URL Page

Submit your URL to YAHOO!

Yahoo Currently working with Bing - Submit your URL to Bing

Submit Your Site To Bing

More search engine submission websites...

submit site to search engines
SplatSearch URL Submit
Add your webpage to this search engine.
Scrub the Web
What a great site! Find out how your meta tags, keywords, title tag and other features are working (or not working) for your site, for FREE!
Exalead URL Submit
Exalead FREE URL Submission.
Jayde URL Submit
Free URL Submission through this site. URL Submit
Create an account for FREE URL Submission.
WebSquash URL Submit
Enter a web address to start the crawler.
Suggest a Site to Open Directory
Have something worth submitting? The Open Directory Project is a web directory of Internet resources. A web directory is something akin to a huge reference library.
InfoTiger Website Submit
Try it out! Just submit your URL along with your email and you're good to go.
Submit your Website to Bing
Microsoft's newer search engine, Bing, and the page to submit your website to them.

This is a list that may never end ... do not forget that the list is very long, but above all, when you use these links, know that their robot will eventually visit your site (this which implies wisdom and patience!), so in principle the homepage, and for other pages that it will be more patient ... to facilitate their work, put links to a site map that will contain all your pages, 'sitemap' is not everything. 

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