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Directory Submission

Directory Submission

Introduction : What Is Directory Submission and Why Directory Submission is So Important For Webmasters ?

the Directory Submission is a SEO technique.
A very effective technique that is often overlooked is the presentation of the site in directories. This technique is also an excellent way to achieve a solid structure of inbound links to your site .

Directories offer a search by categories and subcategories. There are thousands of directories called specialized or general (example: Dmoz or Yahoo Directory).    
To improve the positioning of its site to directories, there is only technical: manually submitting its URL to different directories that leave later (or not) the right to validate or not the submission.

Directory Submission prosses
Presentation of the Directory is the process of submitting your site to directories different. There are several directories that you can submit your site. These can range from general directories, blog directories, SEO [ Search Engine Optimization] Friendly non-reciprocal directories directories (directories that allow you to list your web sitein your directory, even if you do not link to them). It is also important that you submit your site to only those directories that have a high page rank.

the presentation of your website to various directories must be one of the basic steps in their efforts to build link popularity for your website s. This process helps to achieve a higher ranking of your website in search engines and also allows users to easily find your website to the issues they are seeking.

How Directory Submission Works?

To submit a website to directories, the first step is to find quality directories you want to submit your site. Once you generate the list of directories, you have to look through the different categories and subcategories to find the category to which your website. Here, you can publish your website manually. This process is repeated for each of the directories where you want your site to be submitted.

Given the amount of time required to engage in this process, it is advisable to take this activity to professionals who can do the job for you and save time and resources.

why directory submission
Why Directory Submission

With the popularity they have gained the search engines , computer programs that automatically surf the web looking for new sites to add to search engines, people might think that the manual submission of a site to directories is useless.

However, this can not be further from reality. Site submission to directories is a great tool for webmasters.

Popular sites like Google, MSN and Yahoo still use directories to find new sites.

And many users looking for a specific topic sites and go to the directories as a way to quickly find sites that only want to find.

Besides the fact of submitting your site to directories not only allows specific users find your site, but also provides a way to get inbound links only .

With the presentation of your site to directories , you will begin to create a structure of inbound links to your site without paying for them and without having to return the favor with a reciprocal link .
Directory Submissions and SEO

There are many experts SEO optimization expressing their opinions about directory submissions , these days. This is one of the most important, "Directory submission" is dead, in terms of value SEO . However, professes lot of these experts also say that PageRank is dead as well. With respect to this theory, actually corresponds to the search engines.

Is the real question about the directories, there are decent and there are lousy. Therefore, you have to know the difference between the two, otherwise, be wasting your time and money.

At this time, there are plenty of directories that are under fire. With the new spam algorithm that Google has recently launched, many directories have taken a blow. This could also mean that owners directory, to make some changes as well. However, this may not be permanent and may require that the algorithm of Google, you need to be adjusted. Only time will determine the final result, all!

* Directories must appear in the main three search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). The pages that have traced the value that the board has, in the amount SEO . What you're looking for is how many pages, detail pages, category pages are cached by search engines. This will give you an idea of what we think the search engine in the directory.

* Make sure the directory is not using redirects and JavaScript. You will need to look at the HTML source code to determine if the href, do not follow or continue. If you are not following links, do not waste your time. Thus, you can see the value of search engine link.

* The directories which link to other sites such as, casino, adult sites and illegal handsome, should also be avoided. Do not want to get linked to sites that are considered "bad neighborhoods". Another factor is if the directory has links throughout the site and tons of text links in the sidebar, or footer. These types of directories do not have much weight in terms of binding energy.

* We should look at the amount of traffic you receive the directory. I begin to Alexa, to get a rough idea of ​​the number of visitors, pages viewed by users and the bounce rate.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when working on your link in the construction phase. So take your time and do a little research before sending their links to any directory!
Directory Submission graph

Tips On Directory Submission

The submission of a site to directories may be easy for those who know what to do. Follow these tips to make it difficult for you presentation of your site.

Tip # 1: Finish your site completely before submitting

If there is anything they hate the people responsible for reviewing a site before adding to directory sites is presented and who have not yet been completed.

If you decide to make the presentation in the directory of your site unfinished, not only are you exposing your site to be rejected, but you're also making it harder for your site is accepted upon completion.

 Always finish your site before sending it.

Tip # 2: Make a site SEO friendly

In other words, make sure your site is friendly to search engines and have a quality content.

Make sure the titles of your pages are well avoid writing the whole title in capital letters, and that the site design is easy to use.

Tip # 3: Write a good description

Do not just write "this is the best place you'll find online."

Instead, it creates a good description, which is required for your site. Talk about some of its features. Be as accurate as possible and make sure the description is attractive both for the person who will review the site and the users of the site.

Tip # 4: Fill out the form properly

Many people make the mistake of skipping the forms or did not complete successfully. Do not make the same mistake.

Fill in the required fields not only tries to fill as many optional fields as possible.

Tip # 5: If a comment box, thanks

Because they are real people are reviewing your site, is a good idea to thank you for taking the time to do it.

If a comment field, tomato thank the trouble to review your site.

These tips can help your site to be quickly indexed by search engines and also get a good amount of inbound links that will help the positioning of your site , so please get to work submitting your site to directories are possible.

Here is a list of Web Directory Include Article Directory, Blog Directory, Buisness Directory, Free Directory and,  Paid Directory

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